Danger Signs of Losing Weight

Most women are getting extremely vain that reasoning has clouded their thoughts with what healthy eating is or what a healthy lifestyle should be. With these models who are proud to say that their clothes are size 0, one could only think if a person with that dress size even eats. Is size 0 a size at all?


Getting that sexy body should not be relied on simply by getting rid or skipping a meal or two in a day. Instead of doing this, one should just lessen the amount of food intake per meal. And if it is at all possible to cut down on sweets and too much carbohydrates. But what do some people do who are insanely wanting to lose weight? Some would either totally eradicate eating solid food or some would binge and purge.


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Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder wherein a person would refuse to eat for fear of gaining weight. A classic example would be Karen Carpenter. She had a body which wasn’t really that big. She was probably big-boned. But since she is a celebrity, a lot of people said that she looks heavy on screen. So what she did was she slowly lost weight by not eating. She would pinch a skin off her tummy and said that she was fat. Of course, it was natural to be able to hold your skin in way to show how fat or thin one is but the bones on her neck was showing, so as her ribs. But still she found herself to be fat. She got sick eventually and then died.





Bulimia is another eating disorder wherein one would eat a lot and then feel guilty afterwards thus forcing  himself/herself to throw up. With this, one also doesn’t gain weight. Another effect is that the throat gets irritated to the point that it gets scarred from too much throwing up.


Both of these disorders need intervention. Sometimes, it is not just because of wanting to lose weight but because of wanting to be accepted by society. Our society can be harsh sometimes. They have equated that beauty is having a vital statistics of 36-24-36, which should not be. Some may have actually been thinner than that. But we should realize that each person has different metabolism, different body shape which is all caused by genetics.


What we need is to accept who we are and not be fazed by what people tell about us. We need to be comfortable with any body shape that we have. What is important is having a sound mind and a healthy body.


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9 thoughts on “Danger Signs of Losing Weight”

  1. You should be happy in your skin no matter what. It can be very dangerous to skip meals. Look at the message we are sending to teenage girls. This is a sad but all too true problem these days.

  2. Diet and exercise should be combined. I agree with you to limit intake of sweets and carbohydrates. Being beautiful does not only mean being thin. Just be confident whatever body built one have, but it is important to be health conscious too.


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