Dance the Fat Away

I don’t think there are really heavy or fat dancers. I have seen some who are a bit chubby but it is their muscles that are big and  that makes them look fat but in actuality they are firm muscles. Some beginner dancers are a little flabby when they start but later they become fit and trim and firm.

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As mothers we all want our little girls tom learn how to dance, sing and play the piano. My mother also had me learn all that. I was not a chubby kid then.  I am grateful for that.

In dancing we use our arms , legs and body. In exercise we do too. It used to be aerobics, basic exercise with music. Now there is the zumba , exercise using the music of rumba and the dance steps. Usually Latin dances. The Latin dances seem more energetic and fun.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym or doing the basic exercise, try to dance. Dance in your room or take dancing lessons, ballroom or modern dance. When you dance your arms are moving, also with energy, your legs are moving up, down and side ways. You also do a lot of bending. That is exercise with style, and you do sweat.

I see a lot of older women and men who take up ballroom dancing usually 2-3 times a week. I noticed they look slimmer and when you talk to them they say they feel better, more alert and feel young.

One thing I noticed after I learned dancing; my mom had me learn tap dancing, ballet and Hawaiian or the Hula, I learned to balance my weight. I also learned how to walk with grace. Dancing not only helps you loose weight but it helps you with your posture and your graceful moving.

So dance if you do not like to exercise. It is just the same. You are exercising and enjoying it. Plain basic exercises are kind of boring but if there is music and rhythm you enjoy and a lot of other people will enjoy with you. You won’t notice the time if you are enjoying.

So to help you loose weight, dance the fat away!

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3 thoughts on “Dance the Fat Away”

  1. you are so lucky that you have experienced these things. yes, dance the Fat away , and make your booty… shake shake shake

  2. Honestly I don’t like fat dancers particularly when they appeared in films and drama. And I like to watch classical dance!


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