Credit Card: The Enemy that has turned into a reliable friend. Read my story.

Before I give you the details of my tips, I want to share how I used my credit card effectively.

  1.  Enroll the bills utilities (such as telephone bills, internet service provider, electricity and water bill)
  2. Use the credit card only if necessary (There are establishments and transactions that only accept credit card)
  3. Pay the full amount of the purchases made for each billing cycle.
  4.  Be wise enough not to be persuaded  by telemarketers offering “credit card privileges”  such as Cash on Hand and other stuff  payable in terms
  5.  Use only the amount you have the capability of paying in full in the next billing cycle.
  6. Pay on or before the due date.

My Enemy:

Owning a credit card for years,  I should say that I have experienced a lot of difficulties before I truly learned how to use it.   I used to be the princess of the malls, appliance centers, and expensive restaurants and would you believe even in  Home TV Shopping.  Swiping the plastic money became my favourite hobby, I became a shopaholic, not really purchasing items for myself but more on groceries and appliances.  We even enjoyed the pleasure of “expensive restaurants” once in a while.   As a health freak and a desperate biggest loser I even shopped for gym equipment from the home tv shopping.  Oh well I have the plastic money anyway.  The easiest way to buy these stuff… as if I can hear Kris Aquino’s ( a well known TV Game Show Hostess) voice saying “Ikaskas na ‘yan”  meaning swipe the card.

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Yes no problem,  I was earning good anyway, I can pay the “minimum amount due”.   How did we become enemies?   As I pay the “minimum amount due” regularly I noticed that only a minimal amount had been deducted from my total amount due.   I mean even if I pay for the month, I only pay more for the finance charges.   I also noticed that my cash on hand is getting little and little and I am becoming dependent to that thing, yes that thing, the plastic money.   I felt like that I was stuck in the quick sand of debt,  and the only thing that I hold onto was my credit card.  So, with this realization, I started working double time, SAVE MONEY and NEVER use the card anymore.  Pay the grocery in cash and never shop again.   Then I  payed the biggest amount I can pay monthly  until the total balance became ZERO.   Cut the card.  Finished.

My friend:

After a persuasion from a friend, I got a credit card again.   Learning from the past,  I  started to think how can I use my credit card effectively.

  1.  I enrolled the bills utilities because I have no choice but to pay them in cash anyway.  IN this manner, I am assured that our utilities will not be disrupted from their services.   Aside from this I earn from these “regular expenses”. Do you know why?  Usually the credit cards have a REBATE or cash back program, a certain amount will be placed as your rebates when you use the card to purchase.    Isn’t that a good idea?
  2. Use the credit card only if necessary.  I used to travel from different places so I use my credit card to purchase tickets.  The tickets would surely cost a lot, and I can’t pay them in full, in one billing cycle, so what I do is to have it enrolled in the Paylite program.   What is Paylite Program?   This is a fixed interest rate on the purchases made.  The idea of the Paylite Program is to let the creditors to pay  a smaller amount payable for 6, 12, 18, 24 months.   The shorter the months the bigger the amount payable and lesser interest.   The credit is taken by monthly (as if you have purchased to amounting the payable amount in advance so therefore it won’t earn finance charge anymore as long as the amount due (total) has been payed and not only the minimum amount due).   I am doing this if I am sure that I can’t pay the total amount in cash for the next  billing cycle.
  3. I always see to it, that I am NOT paying the MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE, hence I will pay for the TOTAL AMOUNT.  So no accumulated interest or NO Finance Charge, at all.
  4.  NO TO TELEMARKERTERS:  As they always say “I am a client of good standing and my balance is always ZERO” the credit card company is not really earning from me except the interest they get from my Paylite purchases.   They will always call and persuade me to get CASH on HAND payable for this number of months , for only this amount because the interest is only this much.  I will just say NO thanks and I am not interested.   They offer a lot of things like laptop, ipad phone etc.   I just refused these offers.
  5. Purchase only on the amount you are capable of paying.   No more than that.
  6. Pay on or before the due date.   I see to it that my card is paid before or on the due date because I don’t like to be penalized with late payment charges which is actually a huge amount.

***What I really, really like in credit card is I can use my money more.     I mean, it has 21-day cycle period meaning I can still use my money for 21 days more.

I use the rebates I earned from accumulated purchases and services to pay my next credit card bill or at least deduct the equivalent amount from the total amount I will pay for the month.  So I will end up paying a smaller monthly due.

This is how my enemy credit card became my  reliable friend.   If I need really need something I use it, most of the time it is just resting in my wallet.

A friendly reminder, have the self discipline and don’t allow the credit card to run and ruin your life.

“Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards”.

Robert Orben  of  Brainy  Quote


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Life is a journey. Learn from every step of it.

89 thoughts on “Credit Card: The Enemy that has turned into a reliable friend. Read my story.”

  1. Credit cards are supposed to be our helpers however, some really fail to treat it right, so to speak. Being unmindful of spending each time would surely out one in debt.. Good thing you are now able to control the use of your credit card. I had mine terminated when I stopped working years back.

    • I can’t get rid of my credit card since I know how to use it already. It is the easiest way to purchase something like plane tickets and other stuff. Yes, I learned how to manage it. Credit card is very useful in my case, indeed

      • I just terminated mine because I did not have work that could possibly pay for whatever I might purchase using the card. It was better for me to just shut up in a corner than suffer the consequences of being in debt. LOL

        • so agree with you. If I retire maybe I can give up my credit card, too since I have no use of it anymore. and yes it was really death of debt for me before.

    • @jenny1015:disqus ouch and some more ouch. I learned my lesson and I don’t think I want to make the same mistakes. (take note that mistake is in its plural form LOL)

  2. They should read this, credit card is very helpful in times of emergency but you should have discipline in using it because if not this will be the cause of your headache. Great Tip @mavic123456:disqus

    • thank you so much, if I have not experienced the troubles I had before I have nothing to share. and truly experience is the best and most effective teacher though most of the time the most painful way of learning. : )

    • @disqus_dqdRGzpeIO:disqus Oh my friend, I know this first hand. It is a difficult battle. Discipline is very important. The will power not to swipe when not needed is something everyone with a credit card should learn.

      • I think just to avoid the problem of the word and action “swipe” don’t bring the card when shopping. what do you think?

        • If it were an emergency and I don’t have the card then having a credit card for this purpose just defeats the purpose. I’ll probably put it in the back of my wallet or even attach a small note on the card that say “Are you sure about this?”

  3. This is an awesome Tip my friend @mavic123456:disqus. Paying the total amount due is the best way to keep one’s finances in check. It was a difficult battle with my credit card debt but i won.

    • thank you so much, yes, that’s the right term Battle… oh well that’s after you enjoyed swiping the card… just like that. Actually the credit card company is not earning from me that much anymore, instead I get some of the money I payed through REBATES. as if I am getting discounts from the item I purchased.

  4. We also use credit card for emergencies, and like you, we pay almost the whole amount before its due date to save on interest rates.

    • so your credit card is also your reliable friend now. good to know we learn how to maximize the use of the card effectively.

  5. Very good tips on how to save yourself from credit card debt. I learned that lesson 25 years ago. It was a hard lesson to learn. Every young person should read your tips. They’re tempted too much because they want everything right away. It’s a hard mistake to recover from. Glad you made it. 🙂

    • if i have not experienced this personally I can’t really come up with the things I have done and really maybe until now I am a slave of my own credit card.

      • But you did what you had to do to fix the problem. Sometimes people wait until it’s too late. Credit card debt can mushroom out of control really fast. You saved yourself before you were buried in it. It’s a battle but you won. 🙂

        • weird that I answered this three times last night..
          yes, I won the battle. hehehe… but if i did not act fast, maybe until now I am chained to my credit card balance. really it was like a set of handcuffs… or a heavy prisonball.

          • That’s the intention of credit card companies – to enslave you and make you totally dependent on them. That’s when they really start making money off you. Unlike the way you handle it now, where they make very little. Good to be away from that.

          • yes, actually it was like, removing a crow bar stuck in my throat lol.. or it was like carrying a sack full of diamonds.. hahahaha

  6. This is excellent advice and people ought to read it “before” they get a credit card, because after, it might be too late. We also learned the hard way, but if I’d read this first……………who knows?

    Telemarketer’s are scary people, too. They work on commission, not in your best interests, but their own. I hang up on them, if they won’t take NO!, for an answer.

    • Thanks. I hope this will be learned by new card holders. Really it will help them use the card efficiently. That’s true telemarketers are persistent.

      By the way, I am sorry I just replied to this now, I did not see the notification.

  7. i only use debit card. This way i only use the money I have but my husband has a credit card. We try not to use it for anything we cannot afford but your tips are great. Discipline and self control are keys to financial stability.

    • yes I have heard of the debit card too and it seems that many who are using it can really minimize the unwanted expenses.

    • good to know that somehow you are scared of something. lol. I never thought that a small piece of plastic card will scare you.

        • hahaha.. then that means you have no self discipline. but if you will follow my tips here, your card will really go a loooooooooong way. promise.

          • if you have lived your life without credit card, i don’t think you will need a credit card.

          • My Aunt never had a credit card, she paid everything in cash, even her home, her car, everything, but when she wanted a store card, for ordering gifts for her son – they turned her down! Why? No credit history.

          • Hmmmm that’s different. But yes sometimes it is used also for character investigation

    • Many times, if a place will not accept a debit card (we have two), but they also double as credit cards, though the amount still comes out of our own accounts, so we’ll do it that way 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience and your tips are excellent. I like it. You taught us a great lesson. Thank you,

    • you are much welcome. It is my pleasure to share to you my victories and failures to all the challenges I have encountered in life.

      We learn from experience we learn from other people. We also have to give a fair share of teaching other people.

      • You’re so kind shAring your experiences to us. I could not say more. I’m always out of words during discussions even personally, I could not elaborate more though I wish to continue with the discussion. Again thank you for this educational tip.

        • What I think when I am commenting? I treat the person as a “friend” a virtual friend, in this manner. I don’t hesitate to say what I think. I am just do it naturally. No pretensions. On line I am a WYSWYG. what you see is what you get. in person, I am not a loud one. but I will try to make a conversation.

          You are welcome please free to read some of my articles you might find them interesting too. some are serious most are crazy. LOL. but all are EXPERIENCE BASED articles.

          • Yes I observed that whAt you are writing are based on your personal experiences because I can also relate some of that too. We have the same experience on some. And I will be happy to read more on your posts. I also don’t talk so much in person. I can bear sitting in front of a person without talking in several hours.

          • hahaha if I meet someone I talk if the person is not a talker. I don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting to know this person more. I think as a teacher I am responsible for starting the conversation and asking interesting questions. but if the person is talker I listen a lot and smile a lot.

            thanks it is easier to write when it is based on the knowledge and experience. You can’t preach what you don’t know, can you? that’s my personal belief

          • Yes that is true we can not talk or write if we don’t know what we are talking about.

          • exactly i noticed that you are now getting comfortable commenting back and forth. that’s very nice, keep it up.

          • Thanks for that. You know i have a problem looking for those tips within which i made some comments and i don’t know if there are replies already. I still have to look for the tip. Hope I could use a desk top in order for me to easily find the tip.

          • I usually check my email. so I know which one I should reply to. and also I get back to some of my articles to acknowledge my readers and commenters.

          • Ok… That’s where I made a mistake. You gave me an idea so I have to check my email always. Thanks.

          • Thank you. After this, I have to read articles. I wanted so much to go back to sleep. Hope reading will help me with my sleeping problem today..

  9. What you say is so true. Two words…Susie Orman. Read her books and you’ll manage your money and credit cards, with more efficiency. One quick way to have your plastic on hand, is to us a pre-loadable credit card. Load however much you think that you’ll need onto it and don’t use it unless there’s an emergency. Once used, you can re-load again for the next bit emergency.

    • ohh that’s cool .. it is like a Debit card. Never heard of it of loadable credit card.

      yes. focus.. focus. ohhhmmm… ahhm… ohmmm.. focus..

  10. Hey, Interesting topic! I’m about to get myself a credit card only for online things and to see if I can pull it off working online and because paypal only accepts credit cards as I noticed it didn’t work with my debit card so yeah, I wanna learn more about credit cards please! How can we fill them and stuff related, like if I wanna use my own money to purchase not the bank’s money I can fill the card yes? And if I load the card with money and then if I use the the whole money I previously put in it, will the bank charge me for anything? I know I sound dumb with my questions but remaining idiot for 5 minutes or one day is better than a lifetime heheh please advise and thank you for this topic 🙂

  11. I also do not have a positive impression about credit cards and would never recommend any of my friends to apply for a new credit card.


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