Content Categories: Planning Them Out And Focusing Them

In this post, I’m going to talk about one of the most crucial elements of blogging: proper content categorization.

For most people trying to get their blog off the ground, there are many factors that will spell the difference between success and failure: relevance of content, structure, focus, and many others. While most people have a fair grasp of most of the elements of blogging, content categorization remains a bit of a mystery to many.

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One thing that you should realize is that providing quality content is a process that begins before you even begin to write. In fact, one of the first few crucial steps of preparing your blog for eventual uploading is figuring out in which categories they belong.

Categorizing your blog for maximum focus

So why should you categorize your blog?

As with all types of online writing, your main focus in writing a blog is to provide your readers with useful information. However, the most useful and relevant information in the world wouldn’t amount to much if your audience cannot get to it. This is why it is so important to figure out how to categorize and organize your blog posts appropriately.

By planning out and focusing your categories, you will be better able to provide content that your readers will find useful and they will also be able to access it more easily. Keep in mind that the Internet audience is a notoriously fickle one, and many tend to get turned off by information that is hard to obtain.

Ask yourself this: would you be willing to deal with a site that requires you to jump through hoops in order to get the information you want? Wouldn’t you rather go to a site that presents that same information in a logical and clearly laid out manner?

Unless your niche is extremely narrow and specialized, there are probably already dozens of other blogs that offer similar information. If you don’t categorize your content properly, you could lose large numbers of your potential audience to better organized blogs in your niche.

Choosing categories for your blog

Of course you shouldn’t just go out and categorize your blog randomly. The categories you choose should reflect the content and tone of your blog as accurately as possible.

In order to zero in on the categories most appropriate for your blog, it would be a good idea to consider your passion, your area of expertise, and the value you are providing to your readers. By doing so, you have a much better chance of choosing categories that accurately reflect the ideas behind your blog and its general content.

How Many Categories? The Magic Number

Now comes the question of how many categories you should choose for your blog. The number varies depending on your particular goals of course, although many experienced bloggers opt for between 5 to 8 categories.

Why this range? When you choose too few categories, you run the risk of minimizing the scope that your blog will be able to reach. Placed in only a few categories, you might be missing out on the chance to reach an audience that truly has something to gain from your blog.

On the other hand, placing your blog into too many categories runs the risk of diluting your online presence. Remember: it’s not a contest to see how many different audiences you can attract, but rather to provide maximum value to readers that are likely to read your blog.

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