Considering College? Which Subjects Pay Most?

Whether you are a youngster looking to go straight from school to college, an old timer looking to re-educate yourself – or anyone in between – a university education has a whole bunch of benefits. As a rule, people with degrees earn more than those without. And the connections you make in college can last for a lifetime and give you instant access to a strong business network.

However, let’s face the facts. University may well improve your chances of increasing your lifetime salary., But it is expensive. The reality is that it’s vital to consider the earning potential of any subject you plan to study long before you apply. Which begs the question – which subjects pay most? Let’s take a look at the top-rated university degrees with regard to salary.

Welcome to School


The technological world we live in today demands more engineers every year – which means that this is a field that offers one of the top-paying careers available. Train as an engineer in college and specialize in a particular sector, and you could be set up for life. Do a Masters of Engineering Management course and you will have all the tools you need to start your own company. And keep learning throughout your career and you will never have difficulty in finding a role and progressing.

Computer Science

Computer science is engineering of sorts, but given its prominence today, it’s worth discussing separately. Ultimately, computer science degrees give you the opportunity to work in many different areas, and the modern world of business will rely heavily on your skills. Everyone – from the world’s largest companies to the smallest startups – requires skilled tech professionals. It’s a growing field, too, meaning you can almost write your own financial future with a little hard work, ingenuity, and determination.


Communications is often seen as a cop out subject for people who don’t know what else to do. But don’t believe the stereotypes you hear everywhere. In truth, the field of communications can lead to seriously impressive financial rewards if you put your mind to it. Working in PR, marketing, and broadcast media are all well paid once you start advancing up the ladder.

Maths & Science

Maths and science subjects can open many doors and offer a huge amount of potential for increasing your lifetime salary. Perhaps you could get a job with the finance industry as an analyst. You could work as a statistician or an actuary. And don’t forget, maths also gives you all the groundwork you need to engage in almost every other STEM subject – and career.  


Finally, let’s not forget about the legal profession. It’s a highly complicated subject that requires many years of hard work. But succeed at college and you could be set for life in terms of money. Choose your specialism, become a ‘name’ for your defense or prosecution, and you will be in a very healthy position indeed.

As you can see, going to college and university – and continuing your learning throughout your career – can pay off. In fact, it’s one of the best ways of increasing your chances of earning exceptional salaries throughout your lifetime.


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