Common Curtesy in Online Writing

If you think online writing is merely posting articles, then you are sorely mistaken.  As online writers, there are numerous reminders that we have to constantly keep in check.  By doing so, we establish ourselves as a reputable and reliable author.  Moreover, we get to enjoy the benefits of online writing from creating online friendships, expand our reach and earn extra income through online writing.

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However, many authors forget that common courtesy is necessary in creating a name of ourselves in the online world – much more in the online writing community.  So here are some reminders for writers to live a professional and ethical online life.

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Create original content

At least 21 articles of mine have been copied.  Some have been plagiarized multiple times and that is just annoying.   I have built a collection of articles through the years and some as far back as 2 years are still being illegally copied and posted on line.  So I implore all writers out there please write original content.

Let’s take a notch forward.  Apart from text, we need to attribute any online and digital works especially if is not our own.  One common mistake and discourtesy of online publishers is they forget to mention the copyright owners of images and videos.

It is simply courteous to create original content and ado proper attribution.

Choose your words carefully

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This is more than just SEO and Keyword selection, this is being culturally sensitive.  The internet has brought us closer and it will continue to connect people all over the world.  Now, we have readers from all walks of life, religion, political and sexual orientation.  A little tact and sensitivity can go a long way.

Do not get me wrong, we must share our own views even if it is contrary to other people’s belief.   This is a freedom we all share.  However, there is a difference between being courteous, tactful and downright disrespectful and rude.

Another important aspect of choosing your words is in commenting properly.  We have to be careful when we communicate with our readers through comments.  This is the real arena where views and ideas mash together.  Some coalesce seamlessly but others just find friction.  Choosing our words will so respect and professionalism.  Let’s face it, not everyone will agree with what you have said.

As an online writer, we have to exercise courtesy in the way we write our articles and comments.

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I cannot stress enough the importance of sharing.  Whether it is about sharing relevant information or sharing articles, sharing is the lifeblood of online writing. When we share our ideas, we help expand the knowledge of others.  Likewise, when we learn something new, we grow.

In addition, sharing work online helps spread this knowledge with everyone else.  The more people that share, the faster the information will spread.  Plus, it will help in page views.

As online writers, of course we get paid when we play it right.  But we have to realize that what we are sharing should be the truth.  Moreover, sharing meaningful information can help improve lives.  In our own small way, we create a better world through sharing.

We all have the power to change lives.  We all have the power to influence positive change.  We all have the power to unite.  With a little courtesy as online writers, we turn the internet as a tool to do all these.  We can become blessing to others.

Here is an excellent tip for you to read:

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12 thoughts on “Common Curtesy in Online Writing”

  1. Always write original content even if you got inspired by a current event or anything that you read in the paper or online.

    • Many writers take inspiration from what they read and see all around. What is important is to give it their own perspective.

  2. We are what we are when writing. Readers can get a glimpse of what kind of person you are by the way you write; your biases, beliefs, etc.

  3. Plagiarized contents do really turn off readers. Some writers make a living out of copying and pasting articles. The contents of one website I visited once was copied in the same website name but different extension. Tsk Tsk tsk. Could not have been purposely done by the website owner, as the other articles in the copycat website are hodge podge articles written with poor grammar.

    • I have scores of articles that were copied word for word and it irks me to know people like these exist. Worse, they get credit for what I wrote.

      • Hello admin, can you please check out my visits records because they have not been updated since 14th of october, which is about 20 days now! What’s taking them this long? I need encouragements to write new articles, I need to see my posts’s traffic, it still shows 0 for two of the newest articles I’ve posted earlier and no update for the old posts, please check this out! 🙂

        • We have been encountering weird activities these past few weeks. But I am pretty sure those assigned to this area of the site are working on it.

  4. Copyscope is a great way to help with the plagiarizing problem. I think, just about everyone who write online has had at least one piece plagiarized, the only thing you can do is report it.

    • Copyscape is a huge help. They even have small icons that writers can use to say that their work is protected. It is a deterrent.

  5. Thank you for these awesome tips. You know, you remind me of my responsibility being a writer and blogger at the same time. I feel guilty I am not able to update the information of my personal blog – I need to. All contents were original, but some ideas are already outdated.

    As for attribution, I learned to cite sources properly to acknowledge original contributors. It reminds me of the Golden Rule.

    I couldn’t agree more with the rest. Thank you again JP!

    • Hello there Prime, Writers ll over the world take a lot of effort to write articles and maintain a credible reputation. when we behave appropriately, we get to enjoy the benefits of online writing. It is important that proper behavior is practiced even in the online world.


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