Combined Efforts Can Save You Money

A combined effort in saving on electricity, expenses and fuel can help save you money. Right now I am on a budgeted allowance budgeted because when my mom had a problem with her pension my brothers decided it was faster and easier if they would send the money to me in pesos. Before it would take me 20-25 days for clearing if I transfer from her bank (US dollar check) into our dollar account here. Now her account is a joint account with my older brother and it is easy for him to withdraw. So now they send to me once it gets into the account.

What I do is I make a budget, schedule only 2 trips to the city to lessen the travel expense. So before anything here are some things I have been doing the past few months and it has helped me save a little.

  • Make a list of things you need that will last 2 weeks or more until the next trip to the city
  • Check off the things in your list when you buy and if you have extra you can by what ever else you may need.
  • I usually let my daughter and/or helper do the grocery so for sure only what is listed will be bought, also give them a budgeted amount.
  • Turning off standby powers of the 4 appliances has lessened the electricity consumption. I turn off other appliances when not in use like electric fans, TV, etc.
  • If my mother is in the bedroom I let her watch TV here so only the TV and the electric fans in the bedroom are being used.
  • When my allowance comes I set aside even just a small amount to save for the rainy day or emergencies.
  • When cooking to save on LPG, if you need to boil meat to make it tender, use the wood or charcoal first. It is less expensive and some says it softens the meat faster and gives it a better taste. When soft enough you can finish the cooking on the LPG using less time.
  • Doing online work or blogging is another way to save money because it is an added income.

It is really had to save money these days especially when prices of almost everything has gone up. So a combination of all these saving tips may help us save money or lessen expenses. It has helped me because it is what I am doing now. I am more conscious in the use of electrical appliances and other expenses.

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