Climatic Changes: A Matter of Concern

Nature has blessed us with sun, air, trees and many other things but the most witnessing part of it is the climate. Climate has provided an aura and environment to live in this beautiful world. But the worst part of the same is the changes in the climate. Change in the climatic conditions is a matter of concern by the views of scientists because the living of the mankind depends upon that. The prediction of the change in the climate gives the virtual picture of the future. These kinds of predictions are not from any astrologer or any of the magicians. These changes are dependent on the physical changes of the atmosphere, earth, air, land and ice.

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The uncertainty in the predictions can happen but the theory of earth becoming warm, the sea water rises and weather going change is still a matter of doubt.  The global warming has resulted in the change in the climatic change.  There has been a prediction on the base of temperature, winds and moisture that is why the climate is changing day by day. The change in the climate is directly related to the effect on the present species and the future species. The prediction reveals that the change in the climatic volume will result in the end of this generation and a new period will start. These changes results in the cases of volcanoes, earthquake, floods, landslide and tornado. The need of the hour is to raise the standard of living and take effective steps to preserve our climate. Globally there is a need to unite and take certain effective measures in order to secure these species. A man is capable of influencing the deliberate efforts of others and as a human chain one can easily work in the benefit of preserving the same.

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3 thoughts on “Climatic Changes: A Matter of Concern”

  1. People should understand and practice even small measures to help prevent global warming/climate change.

  2. I always hope it’s not too late, that man hasn’t already done too much damage. There is always a point, where it cannot be “fixed”.


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