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A skeleton in the cupboard….that is probably how we should call this unknown information about credit cards which have made a lot of people indebt for not being aware of them. We know that the used of this credit card could be a life saver to some extent. However, if we don’t use it right, it might be just your ticket to hell.

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  • This I have learned just a few months ago as I was helping a cousin in offering credit cards to employees. We know that for the first annual fee of a new credit card member, the fee is waived. But the succeeding years, the member should pay from between $30-50, depending which credit card company and what kind of credit card was availed. However, there is this one credit card company that would allow the annual fee to be waived PROVIDED that the member would purchase a certain amount using the credit card.
  • There are customers/clients who wouldn’t want to pay for an annual fee but would still, however, want to have a credit card. You can actually ask the credit card company if they have one kind of service where there is no need to pay for an annual fee so you don’t need to cancel. You know how credit cards can be useful especially during emergencies. So with this type of card, probably you would just rather keep it in your purse for emergency purposes.
  • How do you think credit cards companies earn? Through the finance charges they incur on your account whenever you don’t pay in full! So if you want to use a credit card but wouldn’t want to suffer with the charges later on, make sure that you pay your credit card on time in FULL AMOUNT. The other way which credit card companies earn from is through the payment of annual fees.
  • Frequent credit card users can actually take advantage of availing free airline tickets when they have accumulated certain number of points. They just need to check it from their credit card companies.
  • You can actually apply for the same credit card twice You just need to wait for at least 18 months before you can apply for a new one. What do you think is the purpose? One, you can be able to avail the same perks as you had on your first credit card. Second, since it is another credit card, you may be able to have a different cycle which can enable you to “plan out” the spending or using of your cards without the need of having to pay your purchases in one card alone.
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  1. I’ve been hurt by those finance charges. Whenever i can, I pay the actual amount. I used to swipe a lot for the points. But paying off the debt became a problem.

  2. Credit card can be a savior in times of emergency but can be your hell if you don’t use it wisely. Thanks for sharing those great information about it.


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