Cheating and Cheaters, What’s In and Not to handle it?

Why offended party is always in denial if they feel that there is something wrong in their marriage? Are We? What are you going to do if you feel there is something wrong with your partner? Or you caught him/her lying for something.

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I guess we woman is lucky because we are gifted with intuition but this feeling is not always right. So even we have an advantage, we don’t have to jump into conclusion easily because we feel there is something wrong with our partner.

But no matter how you try to think fair and being rational, still you feel that there is something wrong with your partner, you notice the changes in her/his ways and acts. Often times forgot the activities and seem always busy. The phone is always in silent mode and can’t take it out of their sight. Your partner is acting strange and always not in the mood.

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If the situation is like this the best way to deal if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you do not confront them at once or nag. If you nag or confront, the tendency of your partner is to defend their selves. Do you think he/she will admit you if they are cheating? No. This is sometimes the common mistakes of the offended party, try to gather you’re cool and think rational. It is best if you observe him/her and gives the benefit of the doubt.

Yes give them the benefit of the doubt, actually I don’t need to be an expert to share this method and tip to you folks because this is based on my personal experienced. The more you nag and confronted, the more they lied and become defensive.

It is best to maintain your cool while gathering facts and proof that your partner is doing something fishy behind you back because in the end if you proved that there is nothing wrong to be afraid of you cannot pull back those times that you nag and bad words you said to them. Actually maintaining your cool serves two purposes; 1.)Not to make them aware you knew something and 2.) Protect something valuable in the end if you discovered you’re becoming paranoid which is your marriage or relationship.

One of the tactics, showed to him/her what they are going to loss if they do something fishy; give them more time, extra care and attention because it strikes him/her to their conscience if they do. They will for sure feel guilty and you somehow help them to realize what is important and not.

But in the process while you are discovering something, prepare yourself for the worse scenario. What if they do? What are you going to do? How are you going to handle the situation? What would be your decision?

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As I observe cheating partners have one thing in common either they are acting very sweet and caring or too nagger and aggressive to cover up something.

Actually this is always my question, why the cheating partners waited their respective partners to discover their forbidden relationship to others and hurt and ruined their respective families than setting it right before it’s too late.

Life is mysterious isn’t it? But what lies ahead is in us, I guess each should know the value of family and the future of their children before doing something out of right.

Photo thanks to : RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

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7 thoughts on “Cheating and Cheaters, What’s In and Not to handle it?”

  1. That was bad. I don’t know how to handle such a situation; so very hard to keep your cool and be rational.

  2. why cheaters wait for the partners to find out that they are cheating. Answer: That’s the thrill of it, how long can one sustain another relationship without leaking it to the ongoing one. that adds to the excitement and “more ego” boosting. How can it be considered as a cheater when a cheating partner will reveal the cheating escapades?


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