Cents & Sensibility: More Money Same Lifestyle


There is something that separates this blog from all the other savings, investing and getting out of debt blogs that you have no doubt scrolled past. Sure, they are all important things to know about, understand and do, but what makes us different is that we want to come up with some easy ways to spend money without having to sacrifice your lifestyle. Yeah, it is totally possible, and it is technically still a form of wealth building if that is what you are interested in.


We wanted to see whether we could come up with some amazing ways to save without change, to cut back on expenditure without cutting back on happiness, which equates to making your money go further. Of course, what constitutes as a sacrifice is subjective, but there should be enough variety on our list to ensure there is something for everyone.


Not Using It, Stop Paying For It

Okay, we’re not talking about those one-time expenditures that are immensely handy to have even if you have only used them twice in the past six years. You know, things like a new set of tools, or a dress watch or something. What we are talking about falls more in line with subscriptions. Companies make a fortune of subscriptions that don’t get used or don’t get used to their full potential. These could be things like magazine subscriptions that keep falling through the letterbox for your kids even though they left home a decade ago, or it could be having a cable package with 800 channels even though you only watch 12 of them. Have some sense and save some cents.


Are You Not Entertained

It is astounding at how much cheap or free entertainment is out there these days, and yet how few people take advantage of it. Why not? What could be more awesome than saving money while having fun with the family? Oh, there is an answer and the answer is nothing. Love books and movies, well why not move away from Amazon and Netflix for a bit and start using your local library, which will have everything you need, but for way less, maybe even free. Or start looking at your local newspaper, the one that will detail all of the events going on in your area, right under your nose, for barely a buck. Better lifestyle for less money, now that’s the dream.


Luxuries With Priority

We all have a list of luxuries that we want. It could be a holiday, it could be a pair of expensive shoes, a concert or sporting event; it could be anything. Well, what we suggest is you write all of these luxury desires down on a piece of paper in list format and then prioritize them. Think about how much you value each item and put them in a priority order. Once this is done, consider how much these items will cost you. If the thing at the top going to cost you 55% of your weekly income and the thing at number two is only going to cost 12% does that change the order a bit? It’s such a good way to look at your big-ticket luxuries, getting to keep the same lifestyle, but save money while doing so.

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.