How have I Managed my Severe (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)?


Pre Menstrual Syndrome – is a common for every ‘other’ women , one can experience this a few weeks before their monthly period. This medical condition often affecting an  Emotional , Physical and Physiological well being with its Symptoms that can totally change someones way of living. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome can mostly be mistaken as to ‘Pregnancy’ — because of its very similar symptoms.  It will give you an uneasy feelings and different discomforts with your body. You might think that, you are having some serious issues or illness and would panic not knowing it is just a normal phenomenon of female body preparing for menstrual flows 1 or 2 – weeks before it will occur.


There is no known treatment to prevent this to happen, but it can be managed.

Take Note that the listed below are my personal experiences, Symptoms may vary from different Women as we all have different body, but these are the common factors you can observe when you are having a pre-menstrual syndromes and how I managed them.



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