Beneficial Tips On How To Fall Asleep Fast

Source: akshay moon -
Source: akshay moon –

We all know how tiring it would be not to be able to fall asleep fast, a majority of people have this kind of problem and I personally interacted with so many people who are witnessing to have this problem every night so I thought that it’s a must to share tips on how  to fall asleep fast, in fact there are many things that everyone can do in order to fall asleep, so let’s mention them!

1- Include Carbohydrates:

Make sure to consume foods containing carbohydrates before you attend to sleep in about 20 to 40 minutes. Foods containing carbohydrates include – but not limited to – : Rice, Spaghetti, Bread and potatoes.

2- Take A Hot Shower:

Taking a hot or a middle tempered shower right before sleeping can really help you fall asleep fast because it makes your blood easily to circulate in your body making it relax and easier to distribute the Oxygen that your body needs way faster and better.

Be sure not to have the water very hot though, as hot water can remove all the good bacteria that fight the bad ones and get your body off of the good oils that help in keeping the skin soft and youthful.

3- Write Or Read:

Writing or reading a good story before bedtime can really help you fall asleep faster as it relaxes your body and prepares it to sleep, do that while you already relax on your bed leaving the lights off and keeping only the bathroom lights on or the lights of any other lamp that wouldn’t be so high.

4- Chat With Someone:

Chatting or sending texts or calling or talking with someone that you care about talking to can really help you fall asleep, why? Because there might be many thoughts trying to escape your head while you would be just trying to letting them in and try to sleep, instead you can let them all out by talking with someone thus relaxing your head from them and making it easier for your mind to relax and let you sleep.

5- Imagine Beautiful Stories:

When I was young, my mother has been always advising and telling me to imagine some things according to what interested me back then which was mainly my dream about getting a beautiful big barbie house so I used to imagine myself playing with it in my mind and just sleep unconsciously while thinking about this beautiful thought, you can also do it but don’t imagine things that would make you sad or extremely happy and just try to keep things in their normal level and then see how your body and mind can relax and leave your body able to finally make it and fall asleep.


There are of course many other things that can help us fall asleep, if you have one don’t be shy or afraid to share it with us! Leave a comment without hesitating and let’s know your thoughts and advice on how you manage to fall asleep sometimes.

You need to take into consideration all the things that you do before you sleep, these things can have the biggest effects on you so this is how you can always fix problems, by knowing the causes and how to reduce or stop or avoid them.


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