How’s It Like To Write For Inforbarrel? ( My Own Personal Experience And Review)

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Today and in this article, I liked to share with you guys my own little experience with the revenue writing site that’s called “infobarrel”.
For those of you who don’t know what infobarrel is, I will write a short explanation and summary about how the site works and if you’re already familiar with this one then you may just skip it.

Please note that this article will be just talking about my modest writing experience there and there will be no mentioning of how much would a person earn there or anything related to that but I’m sure you’ll find this correct and helpful so read it if you’re interested.


What Is Infobarrel?

Infobarrel is a revenue sharing writing site that offers it’s contributors and writers about 75% of the Google Adsense ads impressions and clicks in general, you can write about anything there as long as it has a good beneficial addition to their site.


How’s It Like To Write For It?

This is our main question here, I’m not going to talk about the money that you can earn in this paragraph but about how it can really bothering and tiring writing for Infobarrel, before I joined their site I read many online reviews for sure I’m just like anyone else in here, I have got no time to waste so I’d always like to know how things are going to work before getting into them, you know I need a big encouragement or at least to find little hope.

I once stumbled into a webpage having many comments about this site, a lot of them said that it’s such a pain to be writing for Infobarrel and I didn’t really get the reviewer’s point from this because he/she didn’t specify and didn’t say why it could be such a pain writing for this site, so I searched for other reviews and I found a lot of positive ones and I got encouraged to start my experience with this site but believe and trust me, you will hate this site right after just trying to write your first article, it will sicken you and exhaust you and when you submit the article for approval they’ll be breaking your spirits by telling you that it’s below their standards.
I submitted an article to the site there and that was after I suffered a lot from writing it and after two days I received their newsletter telling me that it has got rejected and I may be able to check it again and proofread it but I didn’t want to touch it because I was already fed up with the tiredness that hit me while writing it on their site and by the way I deleted the article from there then I posted on another writing site and it got quickly featured and published by the editors, so why was it rejected there?


Why Is It A Pain To Write For Infobarrel

First, their site takes forever to load sometimes, they don’t have everything fixed and organized in a place where you would be at least finding your earnings button, your contents button and so on, instead the author has them sub-headed right under your account button.

When you write an article there you may not copy and paste content into the writing box because they obviously don’t have that supported by clicking but you would still be able to paste anyways by clicking your CTRL+V so that’s not a big deal but it’s still disturbing you know because most people are actually used to paste things by clicking through the mouse and not the keyboard.

I would never advise you to add photos to your articles, adding pictures is just the biggest pain here, you would find two boxes stating that you can add images using them,however,one of them will never work so don’t waste much time on that “elements–>add images” button because it will show you the “upload ” button but never the “save ” button so..
The other button would be the one working which is a button placed on the same line where the “elements” button is placed on so go for it but get yourself ready for the torture trying to adjust the image’s place in your text and good luck with that! I’ve suffered enough with it!


In Other Words

The site would show you that it’s really controlled by amateurs who pretend they know it all especially by rejecting high quality articles, I just hated the format and everything there! The owner of the site should really make big adjustments into the site or else I’m sure everyone will be discouraged to contribute for the site just like I did! And I’m not going to give it another try, I’ve had enough with its format and design! It’s the worst site I’ve ever written for! I wouldn’t even write for it even if the owner offers 100% revenue shares!

What about you?



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