CashWagon Review: 0% interest for first-time loan.

Hi there,

So, in terms of need, we need to find a fast way of borrowing money. I am thankful that there are several lending companies that are offering loan applications online — like CashWagon!

I really look for fast cash loans here in the Philippines that does not require us to submit a lot of documents (scanned documents).

CashWagon quick online loans Philippines

I stumble upon CashWagon, and I jump in. I applied for my first loan.

What’s awesome? You know by now (if you have tried applying for a loan online — the interest is quite high). Not with CashWagon!

The company offers zero interest payable within 10 days! That’s so helpful for me. I thought I have no way of escaping the high-interest rate of fast online loans.

Link to CashWagon

Quick Process

  1. I visited their website and provided all the required information – note, they will only ask for a document, but will never ask for a scanned copy of that document. In my case, I have provided my SSS Number. That’s all.
  2. I have given references – like my wife’s details and contact information. They will also ask a co-worker contact information. Not necessarily the boss, a co-worker close to you can be a reference.
  3. Also, note that they will send you an SMS as verification and you need to provide that along the application process.
  4. Bank account for loan disbursement. One thing, you can’t apply for a loan if you have no personal bank account. That’s a must.
  5. A CashWagon staff called me within 3 or 5 minutes upon the completion of my application on their website. Is that what you call quick? I guess so!

So, I originally applied for P6,000.00, but the woman from CashWagon told me that since it was my first loan application, the approved loan was P2,000.00! Not bad. I have no regret whatsoever.

She told me that once I repay my loan on time, I can qualify for a higher loan amount.

Special note: I did not download anything, like an app from CashWagon. But I guess I need to do that next time (not sure if I can apply for the second time still on the website).

The woman told me that if there’s no problem depositing the money to my bank, I can withdraw the money on my ATM around 6 PM today (I guess that’s a standard process and may apply for other online lending companies).

Therefore, I will be getting P2,000 amount of loan without interest. I am happy with that!

Okay, let me share some thoughts about getting fast online loans here in the Philippines

  • If there’s an alternative, I think we should go for it. The interest of borrowing money online is quite high.
  • If you don’t need money so badly, better apply for Pag-IBIG or SSS Salary loans.
  • Don’t you know that you can organize a coop at your workplace? We have been organizing a coop here and we can set an interest that is quite affordable to all the members, like 5% in a month.

CashWagon Alternatives

Tested Loan Apps: Legit Quick Cash Loans Online

Moola Lending – I have recently applied for Moola Lending and within minutes I received an SMS telling me that the approved amount was already deposited to my bank account.

I have confirmed that by calling their smart number and it was confirmed that my loan was automatically approved. What’s not true — the money is not yet deposited, but ready to be deposited.

However, we have both found out that I have a provided a wrong bank. I have provided a correct account number, but the bank was wrong. I have chosen BDO instead of Unionbank.

The staff told me they can’t change the details of my application, so she advised me to request a cancellation of my approved loan. I did and it was canceled. I got a confirmation message that it was indeed canceled.

I can reapply after 14 days.

Update 12/12/18 – More tested Alternatives

So my journey continues, I have recently written about my tested quick cash loan APPs. If you are not approved with CashWagon, or if you want to try more loan Apps, here’s the detailed post:

Tala Philippines – this is another alternative and I already applied for a loan here and the approval was fast, as well. I have written a special post about this, with pictures of the app as I went through the application process.

You can read my Tala experience here.


I have also shared my recent experience with SSS salary loan application online -100% paperless. If you think you are already qualified for an SSS Salary loan, better check this out.

Current status with CashWagon:

I am on my second loan (4K), loan disbursement is smooth… remember, CashWagon staff is out of office during the weekends, so there would be no loan processing or disbursements. The best time to apply is Mondays and Tuesdays so you can expect your money within the week 🙂

Pro Tip  1: Always pay your loan on time 🙂

Pro Tip 2: Stressed because of unpaid loans? Untressed yourself by reading this post!

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26 thoughts on “CashWagon Review: 0% interest for first-time loan.”

  1. Hello po, nag apply napo ako last day, tapos approved na po yung 2k ko.. Ang problema ko po is pag check ko nang account number ko, mali po yung nabigay ko. Paano po ba yun.. Pwede pa ba yun mapalitan ng tamang account numbe? I already received call from them na po..

  2. Processing is too fast and no effort. I got my loan for few minutes only. You guys are awesome! Good job!

    • May naririnig po ako Maam na pwede ang gcash, pero mas mabuti po tanungin niyo po mismo si CashWagon… anyway may verification call kasi sila, so if tatawag sila sa inyo, sabihin niyo po na Gcash atm nilagay niyo as bank.

  3. Hi Cashwagon,
    I just want to ask, if I can apply lower amount from the approved loan? It says my approved loan is P4,000. Since the interest is 1,600. I prefer to just loan 2,000 will pay in 30 days. I will wait for the reply. Thanks.

    Liberty Ross

    • Hello po, hindi po kami agent ng CashWagon dito sa Self-Help… but I think pwede po yan… mas maganda po mag-email po kayo sa official email address po nila Ma’am – info (at)

  4. not recommended for emergency!!!! I applied more than a week ago now. they approved my loan but up to now no money yet. I want to borrow because of emergency but they kept me waiting…

    • Hello po, I am sorry to hear your experience with CashWagon. Is it your first time loan po? Yes, minsan talaga hindi natin mai-assure 100% na lahat na umaapply eh maa-approve. Kaya nga marami-rami din ang choices po natin. Have you tried TALA and CashX already?

  5. Hi,
    I’ve already paid my loan friday night, since weekends na expect ko maprocess yun ng Monday but I just realized na Monday is holiday. May disbursement po kaya sila ng holiday or I guess it will process this tuesday? Thank you.

    • Hello Maam, I think wala silang office during holidays… Most probably po is tuesday na po yan mafollow-up… if will not hear from them by tuesday, you can email them po.

  6. Hello!

    It’s my fourth time to avail a loan to Cashwagon. I already confirmed that I will avail my loan with one of the agent. They called me Tuesday morning around 8:30am then later 1pm I got a message that my loan application is under progress and I will be expecting a call from them.

    However, it’s already Thursday. This is the first time that I don’t get the loan amount that I was approved for. For my first up to third loan, I got my loan amount on the same day once I confirmed it. I already emailed them, called their number and contacted their chat support for an update but they didn’t respond.

    Is it normal for Cashwagon to take this process too long? I paid my third loan more than one week before the due date. I guess I need to pay them one or two days before the deadline because they moved so fast when I did that.


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