Care For An Umami Diet?


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We have heard a lot of different kinds of diets. The most famous one about a few years back is the South Beach Diet. And just very recently, the Garcinia Cambogia Diet which has been the sought after diet of the Hollywood stars including Britney Spears, Jessica Simpsons and Kelly Clarkson. It has even been tried and tested by our local celebrity, Ruffa Gutierrez who admitted that the diet she endorses from the Belo Medical Clinic was of no use to her.  I am not really sure how this specific diet can be realy healthy as it is taken in capsule form. Looking at the latest photo of Ms. Gutierrez, one would say that the capsule was the miracle pill that every overweight person has been waiting for.

Another kind of diet which has been introduced by a Japanese named Kikunae Ikeda. He was the person that introduced Ajinomoto to Japan and to the rest of Asia. It has been part of any home cooking for years. But as years went by, there had been researches that claim that MSG is not good for our health. Umami, a Japanese term which means delicious, has been linked to MSG. Although they have the same chemical structures, their effects toward our body are different. MSG is artificially made, while the Umami or the natural glutamic acid found in mushrooms, truffles, green tea, ripe tomatoes and seaweeds are helpful.

The Umami Diet Make each of the mentioned food above as part of your daily nutrition. How to know if the food you are eating is free from MSG? Simple. Avoid eating processed food and eating from fast food restaurants. All of the foods served from these restaurants are high in MSG.

If you are trying to lose weight, the consumption of food should be analyzed. A balanced diet of carbohydrate, protein with vitamins and minerals is what we need. And of course, daily exercise should boost a healthier you.



  • MSG can overexcite your cells to the point of causing brain damage and eventually lead to learning disabilities?
  • MSG can also be one of the culprits of having Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
  • MSG can also cause eye damage, tingling and numbness, chest pain, headache and asthma.
  • MSG is often found on broth, malt extract, gelatin, cornstarch, soy sauce and barley malt.



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