Can You Make More Money Writing Less? Why Yes, You Can!

I’m someone who firmly believes that the more you write, the more you earn. But, that does not mean you cannot make a decent amount of money without having to write as much. There are people who write 100’s of articles every week that make the same amount of money as a person who only writes 10.

Why is that? Quality, my friend. Not just quality, explosive quality. When you write an article that has people chewing their nails, tugging at their hair, and letting out a sad sigh when they realize they’ve reached the end of your article – then you are writing something with explosive quality.

Write Less and Earn More: Is It Possible?

I can tell you firsthand that length matters. The people who go out of their way to write tips on Day2DayTips that are more than 300 words long are the ones who are earning more money at the end of the day. This is because, anyway you slice it, search engines like long articles. I have proven it to myself time and time again that sites where I publish long articles are the ones that earn better.

Right now, I write articles for this site as well as Writedge and Daily Two Cents. I earn more on Writedge than I do on either of the other two sites and I earn more on Day2DayTips than I do on Daily Two Cents. Why is that?

Writedge requires 400+ word articles.

Day2DayTips require 150+ word articles.

Daily Two Cents require 100+ word articles.

You noticing what I’m noticing?

Just because the site you write for only requires an article that is x amount of words does not mean you only can write x amount of words. Challenge yourself and set your own word count minimum.

Don’t Believe Me? Try This!

This week I want you to compose three explosive articles. These articles should be 500+ words long. You should format them (headers, lists, etc…). Include images if you can.

Publish the articles (make sure you proofread them for silly errors). I suggest going back a day or two after you publish them and cleaning them up a bit. You’ll feel better and search engines will like that.

SOCIAL SHARE. You need to G+ your article, FB your article, Digg your article, and Tumble your article. If you have a social media account on any website, use it! If you are not sharing your article why should anyone else? Share your article throughout the week on different platforms. Remember, you tweet something and 20 minutes later no one is looking at your tweet! Do not be afraid to tweet it a couple times a week, just use different hashtags and maybe different titles.

Include a call-to-action. This is something I’ve seen a few writers do and I’m trying to do it a little more often. Leave a note at the bottom thanking people for reading and encouraging them to share with their friends and/or leave a comment if they have questions. It makes a different.

Did I Help You?

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Hello! You'll see me leaving comments as Trisha Wright around the site. I'm a 24 year old mother of one. I'm a stay-at-home and work-at-home mother that makes a full time income online. I am happily able to support a family of three from the comfort of my own home! Hoping that I'll be able to share how I make this happen with other members of D2D Tips!

5 thoughts on “Can You Make More Money Writing Less? Why Yes, You Can!”

  1. It is really a great way to earn more on just a few number of articles. No problem with Day2DayTips if you share it through all social networking sites. Sharing the articles count a lot in terms of earnings.

  2. Just as others do for me, I often post new or powerful information such as this through my social media links.

  3. I just discovered those two sites this morning (WriteEdge and Daily2Cents) and here they are being mentioned again! I guess they are really gaining popularity. That’s cool. The more traffic you get, the more you earn.
    But I’ve always had kind of a hard time with those kinds of sites. I wasted a lot of time on HubPages, writing content and marketing myself and networking and trying to build up traffic and get links to my articles…and then, just when things start to pick up…BAM. Google penalizes the site and I lose all my traffic and earnings. That’s always so frustrating.
    There is a new website called that pays its contributing bloggers 50 cents per post per month. That’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s dependable, and it won’t disappear overnight on the whims of Google. And you don’t have to spam all your friends to try to increase your earnings. Just write more posts.


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