Cakes And Several Amusing Information About It

Almost all people around the world know what a cake is. And a person have eaten cake at least once or twice in his entire lifetime. Nowadays, you will see different varieties of cakes. And most people have their own favorites when it comes to the flavor and the make of it.More than just a food, it is also a part of rituals that were performed by ancient tribes. The symbolism that it holds now has not faded. The cakes New Jersey and the ones that are manufactured in other places are still as meaningful as before. Before, it was just a simple dish with a simple and platonic shape. But as the world change and the methods of baking it improved, a lot of bakers obtained the courage to experiment not only in the flavor but in the shape as well.


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There was a notion that during ancient times, this dish is only for those who can afford to buy the ingredients. The ingredients that are needed to bake it is very rare. And because of the developments that happened in the society, obtaining ingredients and making it have become more convenient.

One thing that is confusing about it is that this is no one seems to have a record of its origin. There are a lot of claims but it is not proven. It is hard to determine who the people to thank for inventing this recipe.

It is said that the first people to have baked something similar to it was in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians must have grown tired of the taste of meat and simple bread that they tried to cook something else. However, what they used as sweetener before instead of sugar is honey. Makes you wonder how it tasted back then.

Although the place of origin was unclear, the name was credited to the Vikings. The Norse word was kaka. Cakes have undergone too many changes but its meaning has never changed. It was given to a person or is present in an event that is special. Since it was costly, you would only give it to someone who means a lot to you.

One of the most notable use of the cake is for rituals. It was used by the Celtic people to determine if they would be lucky in the coming year or not. To know this, they would let the food role from the top of the hill downwards to see if it breaks or not. The name of this festivity is the Beltane Festival.

Cakes in weddings usually have layers. This was derived from the past tradition when guests would ring layers to the wedding. The number of friends the couple has would also be the number of layers present in the cake. It is also the depiction of how famous the newly weds are.

The ingredients for making this recipe comes at a high cost before. The only time when it became cheaper was during the Industrial Revolution when baking powder was invented. It also improved the mechanics of the ovens used in baking. The improvements made it more convenient for the bakers because there would be no need for them to watch their creations all the time. And when railroads were built, the transportation of ingredients became easier.


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  1. hmmmm interesting information about one of my favorites… Now I would run to bake shop…. and forget about diet stuff and buy me a small chocolate cakes. argh! thanks to you.. just kidding.


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