Bubblews Payment Proof – Make Money on Bubblews without Delay in Redemption

Update: By the end of 2014, I stop writing on Bubblews. Bubblews stopped it revenue sharing program and eventually shut down. I made over $1k there in the shortest period, compare to other writing sites I’ve joined so far. I am always thankful to the founder of Bubblews.

Hello guys. I know that you are looking for ways on how to make money online instantly. Making money online fast is possible on Bubblews – but how to make money on Bubblews? Don’t worry, I am a certified Bubblews addict, I joined the movement since March 15, 2013 and got paid several times. And today I and my niece went to the supermarket to by some groceries using my Bubblews earnings. I am so happy that my girlfriend appreciated my delicious chicken menu – I feel the need to thank Bubblews for that delicious dinner.

You know, that’s the nice thing about making money online fast. You don’t have to wait for months, or years to withdraw some good amount from your bank or debit card – you can withdraw every time PayPal has cleared your withdrawal! But if you have the budget, you can choose to build a blog or affiliate niche site to generate a passive income after some couple of months or years. Otherwise, if you are in need today, please read this post!

Make Money on Bubblews without Delay in Redemption

If you heard about Bubblews somewhere, you might also stumble with few blogs or forums that gave you negative reviews about this awesome revenue-sharing site. You know what, if you will consider their opinions about Bubblews, then you are missing a lot of opportunity to get paid just like me.

I would make it clear that this is not a paid review – am a member of Bubblews and it’s my way to show gratitude to that wonderful platform. What I am telling you now is true – I won’t sugar coat anything.

Yes, there are delays in payment – but it’s not that Bubblews is not legit at all.

There are two general reasons of the pending payments:

  1. Bubblews won’t pay members who are not following their simple rules.
  2. Bubblews is investigating some malicious activities on your account, like manipulating your IP address to increase page views, joining some exchange groups for likes and comments.

I you don’t want to waste your time writing and sharing some awesome ideas on Bubblews – then please take note the two important reasons above. You know, Bubblews won’t waste its money in paying dishonest members who are posting copied (plagiarized) contents elsewhere. And Bubblews won’t pay members who are cheating the system. The most common these days are exchange groups! I searched “how to make money on Bubblews” keyword on Google and saw a post from a certain forum (I won’t mention here) that invites Bubblews members to join their exchange group for views, likes and comments! That’s cheating – don’t ever try to cheat Bubblews.

Your Redemption is Under Investigation

I’ll emphasize this one too. The investigation would take more time for the Bubblews staffs’ part. You know, Bubblews is growing rapidly and it is understaffed in the meantime – so can you imagine the number of redemption requests the staffs receive each day? If your submission has some malicious thing on it – yours will be under investigation and man – you have to wait longer! If you are innocent and if you notice some weird thing that is taking place on your account – report it immediately to the Bubblews support staff.

For example, your newly submitted post get a thousand of views in no time, even if you did not take much time to share it on social media – then something not normal is happening on your bubble (post). Go, seek for help and report the issue! Don’t be blinded by the fast growth of your earnings due to those massive views you may not deserve!

Do I Experience Payment Delay (Unpaid Redemption)

I have just redeemed tonight for $30.17 (minimum redeemable about is $25); I will be patiently waiting for at least 72 hours to see an eCheck on my PayPal account.  All my other previous 10 redemption (pay outs) have been successfully sent to my PayPal account within 72 hours. I just took a screenshot from my payment history on my PayPal account and I’ll share to you my earnings from June to July! I am sure it will help you decide to join or stay on Bubblews. One more thing, the Bubblews v3.0 is coming on its way! It would be a lot faster, and I guess Arvind (the CEO and founder) would give us some big surprises! Are you ready? Let’s begin to make money on Bubblews and here’s my Bubblews payment proof (please click on the image to see the full size).


Wait… how can you make more money on Bubblews? Okay, that’s no magic, please read my post about it.

My Personal Experience on Bubblews.com: Legit or Scam

See you and drop some nice thoughts below. I’m willing to answer your questions too.

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