Bubblews: The Fastest Way to Make Money Online Writing Anything under the Sun

Update: By the end of 2014, I stop writing on Bubblews. Bubblews stopped it revenue sharing program and eventually shut down. I made over $1k there in the shortest period, compare to other writing sites I’ve joined so far. I am always thankful to the founder of Bubblews.

Hello guys. I am here to post an update for COD: The fastest way to make money online writing anything under the sun! Are you sure about that Prime? You may ask.

Writing on Bubblews is like Walking, No Training Required

Yes, I am sure about that. I’ve discovered a site that asks you to speak freely and write your world. In return, the site will compensate you real money! This is just like my walking challenge! Walking is for all ages, no skills and no equipment required, just shoes and determination to walk. This is very much like writing on Bubblews to make money online.

No More SEO Sort of Stuff

If you quit blogging because of the SEO sort of stuff – then Bubblews is different. If you will gonna scan my archives, you will see that I have written few reviews about Bubblews, and I’ve shared you some techniques on how to hasten your payouts without problem. Why? Why I am devoting my time writing about this site?

I am Writing Topics on How to Make Money Online Decently

Have you heard about the stricter Google algorithm? If you do, you will understand why more and more writing sites are updating their terms of use, or the so called rules, and the algorithm on how your earnings increase per views, impression, etc. Most of you quit. Yes, I have few connections on Bubblews that informed me that they quit writing on Squidoo!  Why? There’s a major reason behind that and continue reading for the thrill.

Bubblews, Unlike Squidoo, Has Simple Rules

I know that most of you are doubtful about the site. Well, believe me; I received all my redemption (payouts) on Bubblews on time. There’s no reason that you’d say that I am writing this for referral purposes because you know, I’d only get 50 cents for doing that, no extra cents! And believe me; you won’t see any referral link especially for this post. I am telling you this because I want you to write your world too, anything under the sun that you love to share – and you will be making money by doing that! Yes, the site just asks you to express your thoughts, no more than that. No SEO, no Keyword, just express yourself and be creative!

Why Bubblews is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online?

You will not wait for months to see your bank growing! Money will gonna grow the time you published your first article! You won’t believe me? Well, I can’t blame you because I know that you had been trapped lately by scam sites and yet, there are people out there who are bad mouthing Bubblews. But I tell you, Bubblews is legit. My Skype (Prime Aque or primeaque86) is open to talk about subjects regarding Bubblews, and I am ready to answer your questions on the comment below. Guys, I don’t want you to miss this stuff.

The cons, Yes, I Will Talk About It

Review has pros and cons, okay, your wish is granted. I’ve written few reviews already but most of them are praising the network. Okay, I will be extra honest, no more sugar coats. The fact that I never included the negative side of joining the site is – I have nothing to say against them because I followed the rules. It’s clear, if you won’t follow the rules, you won’t get paid. For honest members who are still waiting for their redemption, you know, Bubblews is honest about the growing pains but eventually honest members will benefit the site!!!

There are Upcoming Upgrades!

Before those upgrades, I guess it’s best that you already joined the site. Will you join Bubblews or miss the chance of making money online the fastest way by simply writing topics under the sun?

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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