Breaking up (part 2): start again

Previously I have discussed with you about dealing with your feelings of loneliness and sadness after a break-up.

I hope this has been useful for you. This time I want to talk about the second step people have to take when they are dealing with a painful break-up.

You have already shared your feelings and have your personal mourning. It is time to make a personal effort to start a new chapter. You want to recover. You want to heal and reconcile yourself with these experiences.

It is natural to avoid the places, the songs, the poems, the activities or whatsoever that reminds you to this lost relationship. Some couples share common friends so it is difficult to leave the memories associated to your past relationship. However, think that you have break-up with someone not with the rest of the world. It can be challenging to discover these persons are different entities from your past relationship.

Organize activities, experience life and try to enjoy them. Although it can be hard at the beginning as you rediscover some of the passions you have (for example playing a sport), you will feel liberated and more independent. Even if it takes a hard effort at the beginning to change “your mental chip” it will be good in the long term until the moment you can think about the past without pain or resentment.

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  1. Friends come to ask some advice from me and I always tell them that problems like that happens for a reason. It is painful, yes. Allowing ourselves to mourn over a lost love is natural. But it does not mean the end of the world. Slowly, we must get ourselves out of that blackhole and start reaching for a new goal —a peace of mind and heart.


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