Bread Basket Variety


The holiday season is upon us again. The meals are all about variety in small bites. One of the staples of any holiday meal is the bread.

This year, try to give your bread basket a variety of offerings. I started doing this years ago in my restaurant for dinners. It was a huge success. Children adore them. I wound up actually making the bread basket a menu entry by itself.

Invest in a mini muffin tin. The tin makes twenty four or forty eight mini muffins depending on which you buy. A box of biscuit/pancake mix gives you a variety of variations on their basic biscuit recipe. You can make cheddar cheese, jalapeno, rosemary, plain. Use the muffin recipe variations to satisfy the kids. Cranberry, apple, blueberry add some extra fruits to their diet. Even an inexpensive corn muffin mix makes a dozen mini muffins.

You can take those refrigerator rolls and cut them in quarters. A baguette can be sliced and added to your basket.

You will find that your bite size variety bread basket will be a hit. Make sure you serve plenty of butter, cream cheese or jam on the side.

Extras can be frozen for up to three months.

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