Boost Your Self-Esteem Today

Self-esteem is vital to our happiness and personal well-being, which is why it is so tragic that so many of us have very little self-esteem at all. If you don’t think very much of yourself, you will allow yourself to be walked over, and you’re more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and even depression.

It is, then, very important that we all work on boosting our self-esteem all the time. Here are just a few things you can try to boost your self-esteem today:

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Instead of focusing on the negative and the things you don’t really like about yourself, take the time to stop and celebrate the small stuff. If someone has compliments your eyes or you’ve done a good deal at work, take the time to make a note of it in the evening to show and remind yourself that there are lots of good things about you.

Challenge Yourself

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When we are suffering from a lack of self-esteem, we often shy away from doing anything that could be difficult for us because we don’t think we’re up to a job.  This just creates a vicious cycle, sucking out any last remaining drops of self-esteem we may have. By setting ourselves a challenge and following through, we prove ourselves wrong and show our brains that we can achieve anything we put our minds too and that boosts self-esteem faster than almost anything else.

Do Something Nice for Someone

Whether you buy a meal for a homeless person, donate a boat to charity or spend a couple of hours volunteering at the local animal shelter, doing something positive for someone else is a great way to build self-esteem and show yourself that you can and do make a difference in this world.

Practice Meditation

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When you practice meditation, you learn how to observe your thoughts dispassionately. When you do this, you come to realize that all of those negative thoughts you have about yourself are basically meaningless. They’re just thoughts, and they will pass. It’s what you do and how hard you try that really matters.

Give Up Comparisons

There’s nothing that will cause your self-esteem to fall through the floor more than constantly comparing yourself to others. There are always going to be people in this world who have more, do more and who you believe to be more than you, and by actively comparing yourself to them you’re doing yourself no favors at all.

Not only that, but most people only out their best side on show, so you don’t see all the struggles they are going through, giving you a skewed sense of your own life and how well you’re doing.

Be Realistic

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You should always aim to do your best in life, but you should be a realist about what you can achieve. If you set yourself a goal of losing 50 pounds in a month, you’re obviously going to fail, and you’ll feel like a failure, giving your self-esteem a hot. So, aim high, but not so high as to be impossible and you’ll start to see your self-esteem levels rise.

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