Blast Vac 2 – A Product Review

Are you the type of person who gets fascinated with the demo of anything inside the mall that you end up buying but could not figure out how to use it to its full potential?  Honestly, I am one of those.  I like watching demo of different kinds of gadgets or appliances inside the mall and sometimes would be convinced to buy the product even if I don’t really need it that much.

The funny part here is, when they demonstrate it, it looked so darn easy as if it is making your life easier than before when you have not purchased that thingamajig.  But when you are actually using it in your house, it is so not easy as it looked like.  But what’s funnier is I still fall for them and buy it anyway.

My latest purchase was the Blast Vac 2.  I didn’t know there was a 1 but I bought the 2 for less than 3,000 pesos (or more or less $60).  I saw the man demonstrating the appliance.  It looked very easy to use and very helpful in cleaning.  It has so many hose in different sizes that made me got more interested because it can clean smaller places and hard to reach areas.  Apart from that, the vacuum cleaner can also be used in inflating stuff like balloons, beds, pools, swimming needs, and many more.

When I started using it in my room, it was not that easy.  I tried using it to clean my dirty electric fan and it did help me but I still need to wash the blade and the cover with water and did some manual labor.  I used it to clean my windows like what the sales personnel told me, and it seemed that I was not cleaning it that much so I ended up using rag to clean it.  I used it for vacuuming the floor under my bed.  Again, it help me a bit but I still need to sweep it some more.  The only thing that I did with this vacuum that I could say was a success was when I vacuumed my carpet.  It was really clean.

I find the vacuum cleaner a bit heavy.  It may be small but it was heavy when I carried it while vacuuming the floor.  It does have a strap that you can use so you don’t need to hold it all the time but it is still heavy.

What have I learned from this product?  Well, never buy something that you do not really need even if it was on sale.  Second, if it is too late to return, might as well study and do some research on how to fully utilized it capabilities.  The gadget may be very useful after all, I just don’t know how to use it.

If you are really interested with it, ask the sales personnel all the questions you want to ask before buying it like how to use it if you want to clean windows, shelves, hard to reach areas and many more.


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