Best Way to Use Skype 5.1 iPhone

Skype continues to be one of the best communication tools used all over the world. Microsoft like always goes one step ahead by launching Skype iPhones. If you still do not have one then I recommend you to opt for Skype 5.1 iPhone. It is very easy to use and friendly device waiting to be your companion. I am going to share some tips of using Skype 5.1 iPhone in the best way.

There is a flexibility for the users to make new groups. You just need to do the following.


  1. Open Skype Application
  2. Select Chat Icon
  3. Add the contacts of your choice
  4. Type your message and Send


The most favourite activity of all Skype users is to chat with friends individually or in groups. You would surely want your favourite chatters to be displayed readily. So Skype 5.1 iPhone allows you to add them to your favourite contacts. You can do as follows.


  1. Right tap the Additional Icon
  2. Choose Add Favourites


If you want to search for the specific contact quickly you can use the filters on people screen. The filters are displayed at the top left of the people screen. There are different ways to filter contacts.


  1. Selecting All will show all the contacts in the list
  2. All Microsoft Contacts. Microsoft contacts are displayed if you are already signed in with Microsoft Account
  3. Selecting Online shows the contacts who are online or available for chat


Typing a message on a smartphone can be tricky in the beginning. Skype 5.1 iPhone has the option of auto correct feature. This feature automatically corrects and complete are word. In this way you do not have to type the whole word as the cell readily anticipates the expected word as soon as you type the initial letters.

On the whole Skype 5.1 iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market. It allows you to satisfy your need of sociability. It is user-friendly and good looking. If you are beautiful then it will suit your personality even more

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