Benefits in Listening to the Radio

I don’t know if there are still listening to radios nowadays because as far as I know, people tend to just download everything in the internet and save it to their hand-held devices.

People have all sort of MP3 players.  They even buy awesome speakers where they can plug or dock their players or iPods.  But for me, I still listen to radio.  It may not be the old school kind of radio where it has a CD player and cassette player but an MP3 player that I bring around that is equipped with radio.

Here are the benefits you get in listening to radio rather than your own playlist:

  1. Entertaining – I know it is entertaining to listen to your favorite songs again and again or hear the latest songs from your favorite band or artist but you also get entertained with the disc jockeys.  I have been listening to a particular station for years because I find the disc jockeys funny.  They tell jokes and share experiences of their personal lives.  They even invite celebrities or famous people in their radio station to interview.  They make their own jingle or song just to entertain their listeners.
  2. Educational – Aside from the songs they play and the entertainment that they do, listening to radio can be educational because they also tackle about current events.  They don’t just tell Hollywood or local celebrity news but they also report politics, religion, and even traffic reports.  They share their insights and some of the listeners respond to their insights via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites.
  3. You get to win stuff – They have so many games, contests almost every day.  Some of their sponsors give gifts of git certificates to their listeners if they could just name their brand or their latest product.  They give away free movie and concert tickets.  These tickets are mostly VIP tickets that cost P5,000 each.  If they feel a little more generous, they give out free trip to beaches or other awesome getaway places.  They also give away gift certificates for food, restaurants, and even apparels.
  4. For Counseling – A lot of radio stations now have a portion where disc jockeys play the role of a councilor or a friend for their listeners with problems that they want to share.  Most of these problems are the matter of the heart.  They help these listeners live via phone patch or thru email or letter.  They read the problem on air and give their own personal solution.  Other listeners can also give their inputs or opinions if they wish to.
  5. Stress Reliever – When you are stuck in traffic, it is inevitable for you not to lose your temper.  Listening to good music can help you calm down but hearing your favorite disc jockeys cheering you up in the middle of traffic is much fun.  If they have games, you can either play along by yourself or give them a call.  You can also request songs that you want to hear especially those are not yet part of your playlist.  You can greet friends and tell them that you are stuck in traffic.


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10 thoughts on “Benefits in Listening to the Radio”

  1. I don’t listen to FM stations but more on the AM stations (corny I know). even when I am in a different country, I listen to online live streaming… my reasons… I get updated to political events in the philippines.. the current events and especially during the time when there is typhoon.

  2. I like the idea of using the radio as a stress reliever. This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the benefits of what is being talked about on the radio and the calmness of the road. My friend would love this since she wants to find a good Christian community AM radio station.

  3. This is some really good information about radio. I liked that you pointed out that listening to the radio can be really relaxing. It is good to know when you are looking for a station to listen to. Personally, I would want to listen to a radio station that hosts don’t get too loud on air.

    • Hello Penelope, thanks for stopping by! Yes, and it goes to show that the old ways are still working amidst the digital area where most people are into facebook and youtube. I also like the idea of working while listening…

  4. I have been working a night job and find myself looking for radio stations a lot. I want to find a 24-hour Christian music radio station because it relaxes me. It is a stress reliever like you said and can keep me productive.

    • Michael, thanks for dropping by… yeah, listening to a radio station is relaxing… I also love Christian songs, but my long time favorite is Fast Car…


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