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It’s been a while since I last posted tips here in  But anyhow, what I am about to share today are the benefits you get from GrabCar.  Actually, this is in relation to my previous post

For those who are not aware or familiar yet with Grabcar, the concept is actually similar to GrabTaxi.  You use the Grabtaxi app that you can download for free from Google Play or App Store to book a car.  They will pick you up and bring you to your desired destination based on the booking information that you indicated in the application.

So why do we use Grabcar, why not GrabTaxi?  If they have the same concept, why avail it?  Simple, here are the reasons:

1. They have an on-going promo until October 26, 2014 that they remove P200 from the fixed rate that is indicated in the fare in the app on your phone.  Regardless where the destination is, they will give a P200 worth of discount from your ride.

2. Most of the vehicles that they use in picking you up are SUV.  SUVs are more spacious and more comfortable as to compare to taxis which they use for GrabTaxi.  Therefore you get to enjoy the ride especially if the destination is a bit a long drive.

3. Like GrabTaxi, drivers are also polite, courteous, and very accommodating.

4. Even if the the destination that you are going is traffic, the fare will not change anymore because they have fixed rates.  Unlike with taxis, the rate might change because of traffic.

5. This is recommended during client meetings especially if you do not have your own car or transportation with you.  You don’t need to worry about the gas and the parking space because they will just drop you and your clients to wherever you want and you can just book again if you need to go back to the office after the client meeting.

Some say that the rates are quite expensive especially if there is no on-going promo.  That is true but the cars that they are using are not ordinary cars.  They have Montero, Fortuner, Camry, Nissan Patrol, X-Trail, Mini Cooper, and Hummer.  Yes, you read it right…they have Hummer.  These are not inexpensive cars so I think it is just fair for them to charge you a little more as to compare to taking a taxi.  That’s why I want to use GrabCar for as long as I can before the promo ends so I could maximize the privilege given to us by GrabTaxi/GrabCar Philippines.

I tried it the second time yesterday with my mom.  I was surprised I was able to book one right away.  We rode a Fortuner and my mom loved it because she is already old and traveling via car may not be as comfortable as to compare to SUV because in cars, her back aches whenever we pass by humps and rough roads.  With the Fortuner, she hardly noticed the rough roads we have gone through.

The seats were comfortable and the air-condition was cold that even it was a hot afternoon, we were comfortable in the middle of the traffic.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits from Grab Car”

  1. It is good you posted this. I do not know that there is a grab car app in the Phils. Might use this because my husband finds it hard to drive now in Metro Manila. But how much does it cost, say within Metro Manila only?

    • It depends on the location. They charge you by kilometer. The rate will appear in the app before you confirm your booking.

  2. HI there @disqus_ao0YjNqa2K:disqus I know about the apps and taxi services. A lot of them are popping out. I think this is a splendid idea since there is a tracking system in place. Plus, with the discount you’ve pointed out, this can be a great deal for commuters. Now that the Yuletide season is closer, getting a cab will be more difficult.


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