Being On The Right Financial Track

Tough time, indeed. But it is not an excuse not to be able to set aside a portion of your earnings each month. If there is a need to tighten the belt, then that should be done. Everyday, we need to spend some amount of money in dealing with a lot of things- from the food, clothes, electricity, water, etc. And these are all part of life.

However, if we will always allow our money to be spent on these and forget about setting aside a small amount each month, well, times could be harder. And if you have not saved up anything for your family, how do you think will you be able to survive if such financial storm comes?

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  •  Always remember that no matter how much you work hard and don’t change your spending habits, you won’t find any extra money in your pocket. Along with working hard should be the proper thinking of having something for the family’s future.
  • No amount of money is too little to save. If these small amounts each month are added up, it will eventually turn into a huge amount.
  • Be thrifty in a way that buying only what is necessary should always be remembered. You went to a mall and saw that there is an on going sale. You took an item and saw that the price is 70% cheaper than the original price. Quite tempting, right? But think real hard if it is something that you really need. If not, drop it! Well, not really drop it, or you might end up paying for it, too! LOL
  • Some may not be into this but I think if we can find some time in our schedule to look for other places where we could earn, then, go for it. Just probably a part-time job of some sort. Not necessarily having to be in another place but the internet can be a good source of earning extra.
  • Make money by selling some old stuff. You can either list them on Ebay or better yet have a garage sale where the whole family can enjoy during the weekend. The amount of money that you may earn from it can be placed in a savings account

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

14 thoughts on “Being On The Right Financial Track”

  1. It really pays to be frugal. This is a trait that should be inculcated in children.Even poor families could do it if they really wanted to save, say, even a peso a day would be a big sum someday.

    • You are definitely right! Every peso counts. And even if you know that you will still get paid by the following month, we still need to make it a habit to save a portion of what we earn.

  2. In these times, every amount saved is worth it. Whenever I can i try to cut expenses without sacrificing quality and value. It’s hard, but It’s a practical way to save.

  3. Hello Jenny! These are practical tips indeed for saving money! You know I am very thankful for my partner, she is the one who taught me to develop a frugal attitude, well I cannot say that I am as frugal as she is, but I know how to spend hard earned money wisely now!

    • I used to not to think of saving as much when I only had one child. Life was simpler then and there seem to be more than what I needed. But now with 4 kids, their needs should come first. And even if there is something left for me to spend for myself, the urge to spend is no longer there.

  4. We have to be frugal and learn how to save for our future, just like what you have said life is tough and competition is stiff, we cannot say what will happen next being prepared and ready is an advantage.


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