Become A Succesful Musician On Your Own Phase

I’m excited as this is my first post on this site. I don’t know what to share but as an introduction I’m Jose Tuliao, creator of several “metal” one-man band here in Philippines. I’m not a new comer into the scene anymore. I’m a band member since 1996,guess how I’m old now?! I want to share some quick tips for striving musician without spending that much. First you need to decide which instrument you love the most. In my case, I like them all, that’s why I end up creating my own. Decide the genre of music you want to focus to. Make some songs supporting the kind of genre you want to project. You might want to Rock, Metal or hip-hop. Most of them rely on same principle. You create the music and find a medium to propagate them and find a larger audience. One of the most special thing that you need to invest on are the instruments. Musicians of this day are lucky enough. With the modern computers, you can almost do whatever kind of music in the comfort of your home using a PC. Yes, this will become an instrument and a virtual studio for you.
If you’re not the fortunate enough, you can invest of a computer which will be your own vehicle to success soon. You will need to download some freeware recording tools like Audacity. Don’t you worry, they will have most of the things that you need just like in commercial software to record all your stuff. I won’t tell you what you will do to record your music. Music will come from your ear, conceived in your mind and played on your instrument and record them on your freeware.
One of the tricky part  is sharing, but don’t worry, you can always put them on Soundcloud. add some friends and encourage them to rate and say something on what they think on your music. Don’t worry, since this is your first song, you will not be condemned, or there are lots of people who will tell negative comments on your songs. Try to listen to them and improve on the parts where they don’t like the way you do it. You will improve in time! Once you have them, you can record your songs again and ask them what they think. Repeat the process and make a page on Facebook to promote your creations. Severe Metastasis is one of my successful creations using this very simple formula. Good luck to all your musical adventures.
By around a month of experimentation, I assure that you will have a lots of likes on your page. You are almost ready to hit the next step!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Become A Succesful Musician On Your Own Phase”

  1. Welcome here to Day2daytips. You had shared good pointers for those who are musically-inclined specially those with talents and passion for composing music; melody and lyrics.Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for sharing a time to read on my post. I’m still learning on my experiences and I will share more tips on this site soon. I would really like to share my tips, in that way I can help upcoming musicians as well.

  2. Welcome to the community my fiend. I hope you like it here. your first post is really close to my heart. I used to play in the band and I played the guitar. I learned to play it at an early age and on my own. I just grabbed a chord book and started experimenting. By 10 years old started doing covers from the Beatles but i soon fell in love with heavy metal and Grundge. Back then we did not have computers or apps or internet to help us. but it was a wonderful experience.

    • Internet change almost anything from music to human life. In the earlier days of music,people rely on labels but this time, we can do our self promotion in the comfort of our homes. Thanks to the internet. Music is a food for the soul and makes our day a lot better.


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