Be clear on what you are asking for

Most people don’t actually clear on what they are asking for in life. They don’t have objective to achieve and just continue working day and night without any end goal. In order to succeed in life, you need to set yourself a goal to achieve as target point. Once you have target to achieve, then need to be absolute clear on what you been asking for.

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There are other obstacles in life such as lack of discipline, stressful, ignorance and lack of confident usually that cause you lost track of what you been aiming for. They can’t actually focus on what they have planned and move into wrong path.

Take an example, even though have tons of works waiting for you out there, but you need to be clear on which is the interested job that suit you the most. If you’re wrongly choose your career then you’ll waste couple of months trying to adopt and end up with failure.

However, if you choose the right job that you interested then you’ll have passion to continue working even have road blocks that interfere your path. So, be clear on what you aim for in life that could help you to persuade success and continue create a better future for yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Be clear on what you are asking for”

  1. Sometimes it is hard to determine what we want in life. Many people are so confused on what they wanted to do, what to achieve, and it is ironical that people who have almost everything in life are the ones who do not appreciate the blessing they have.

  2. I agree we have to be careful on what we are wishing for. In life there are so many roads to walk for but choosing of what path we are walking for is in us.

  3. This is a real great tip! Not all people have set their minds into what they really want to do. Is it lack of goal? Lack of motivation? Or just plainly not thinking ahead?

  4. I agree, we need focus, planning and clarity of thought to succeed in life, otherwise we will just drift aimlessly.


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