Be careful with your internet-service subscriptions

I know some of you (me included) are not very careful before agreeing to the terms of internet subscriptions we get in order to play a game, use a software or an application where being a member is required.

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As you may know, when you agree to the terms you are probably allowing the creators to share your personal information and make you a ´victim´ of unwanted messages and spam. This can already be a problem if you value your privacy on the net.

Not only that. It can actually be worse, if you submit other sensitive personal information you will have to be prepared for the pain!

If you have to give a valid telephone number be prepared to receive calls to suggest you to buy related services offered by the website you have signed up or to upgrade your account.

Very Important! If you submit your bank information for a service (let’s say an online game, for example) because the subscription is too cheap, I suggest you to read the terms and conditions. Sometimes there are additional services you accept behind these “tempting offers”. In my case, I decided to buy a one year subscription to an online game for just $10. What I did not notice is that with this activation I was “invited” to buy a VIP membership status in the game that cost some $50 every month! If I did not contact the service providers within 7 days they would assume that I accept to take this additional service. The only way I had to cancel this additional subscription was calling the service providers in the United States because they did not accept emails as a way to cancel their subscription.

So, it may be annoying but it is highly recommended to be careful with the information you share when you sign up to an online service.

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  1. That’s true, because sometimes there are hidden charges that were not stated clearly in the contract. Be very careful indeed when signing up on those things in the net.


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