Be Alert Especially This Time of the Year

It's The Holidays
It’s The Holidays

I hate to admit it but whenever holidays are fast approaching, a lot of bad people appear from nowhere.  They tend to hurt, steal, lure, manipulate, and take advantage of innocent people that for some reasons, the authorities are having a hard time to apprehend them.

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To be honest, the place where I am working is not a safe place to be.  That is why when it is time to go home from work, I really go home.  I have no intentions to stay an hour or two to do work.  I’d rather head home and just do whatever it is that I need to do the next day because I don’t want to ride a public transportation during night time.

A couple of days ago, my colleagues and I were on our way home.  We took a jeepney going to the train station.  It was still early because I can still see the sun.  While we were busy chatting (even if the ride is like 5 to 10 minutes only), a guy, out of nowhere, rode the jeep and started saying something while showing us a piece of paper.

Apparently, the guy said that his dad just died and the paper is his proof (probably a death certificate or something) and asking us money (any amount) for donation since they don’t have enough money to bury his dad.  I had experienced that before late last year and it was also the BER month.

None of the passengers gave money to him.  In fact, we clutched our bags tightly which I think he noticed.  He started getting mad and saying that he is not a criminal or he doesn’t have the intention of stealing anything from us.  He only needs financial assistance.  My friends and I didn’t buy it.  It is obvious that he is a fake.  He may not steal but he is tricking the people into giving him money by faking a death of his father.

Other things that you should do during the Holidays to be safe:

  1. Don’t bring all of your money – It is wise that you just bring enough.  If possible, separate you money.  Put some in your wallet, some in your secret pockets, and some in your bag.
  2. Avoid getting money from ATM at dark – If you really need to, pick an ATM with a light and with a security guard visible.  If not, pick a place that is not secluded.
  3. Hold your bags tightly – Put your bag in front of you.  Hold it tight.  If you are using a back pack, put it in your chest instead of the usual on your back.
  4. Beware of crowded places – What people do is to “crowd” you and then you will just notice that they have already opened your bag.  It is usually done in crowded shopping malls or crowded train stations or buses.
  5. Don’t use your cellphone – If it is not necessary, don’t use your cellphone in a crowded, public place.  IF YOU MUST, find a safe way to use your phone to send a message or to make a call.
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5 thoughts on “Be Alert Especially This Time of the Year”

  1. yes, ma’am I will.. I will.. so scary tactics. Now, with this modus operandi, even if the person really needs some assistance, no one believes anybody anymore. so sad

    • I agree. But you know, that is suppose to be the Government’s job. They should be the one to handle this. We pay taxes and those taxes should go to organizations that will help the less fortunate.

      • we just complain as much as we can… you know that sometimes it is also some people’s fault.. like parents who drive their kids to do such … we really can’t say now whose fault or who’s to blame or whose responsibility.

  2. So many unscrupulous people nowadays; instead of sweating it out, they want easy money by fooling people. It’s good you were on alert. Keep safe.


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