Finding the Right Motivation to Exercise

Finding the Right Motivation to Exercise- Keeping Fit

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Sometimes the hassles and demands of a busy life leave us women close to no room for exercise. In fact, unless we find the right ground for motivation towards fitness, there will always be something unfinished and in need of our attention. In short, there will never really be that perfect moment specifically automated for exercise and hence more of the reasons why you get to create it yourself. From work, parenting, spouse and household chores, its evident your hands will be full more often than not. The motivation to exercise first comes from understanding why we need the exercise and here are some reasons to make you want to commit to regular workout:-

  • Exercise enhances sharp and active brain memory.
  • Helps combat the damaging effects of stress.
  • Boosts your overall energy improving work and life efficiency.
  • Improves better sleep.
  • Improves your overall body image and boosts your self esteem.
  • Improves and promotes a sizzling sex life.


Given the endless mind-blowing benefits that revolve around regular exercising, the need to find motivation is in paramount. So how do you solace your drive to effective exercising?

Know why You Wish to Exercise

First and foremost, you must be able to

weigh the beneficial impact exercising will

bring and then find the core reason why

you need to work out. Believe me you’d be

surprised to hear the sacred reasons why

most women hit the gym. Sometimes it can be

to live healthier, to get your sexy back or to impress a boyfriend and even the most extreme; because everyone is doing it. Once you nail that reason that drives you, make it your founding motivation with everyday reminding yourself why you have to exercise.


Layout a Workout Program

Depending on your daily events programme, schedule a regular workout calendar. Some people prefer to exercise late in the evening or at night while others prefer to jump start their day with an invigorating work out. You can consider using a reminder through phone or email to help you commit and stick to your workout routine.

Reward Your Efforts

According to your motive to exercise, find time to reward every milestone achieved from your workout efforts. This can be by updating your wardrobe or doing a vacation. Let that represent and mark your achievement. This acts as a reminder in future that your efforts are worthwhile when you find yourself struggling to keep up with the program.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Surprisingly, diet and exercise goes hand in hand and one impacts the others in more ways than one. Eating a healthy diet keeps you energized and fueled ready to hit that gym or workout session. Incorporating soluble fibers to your diet, whole grains, fruits and vegetables should be observed. Snacks you take during the workout sessions should also be low-card components to boosts the overall success of your exercise program.

Be Patient with you

While we embark on exercise with varied expectations and sometimes overrated ones, we should also keep in mind that the visible payout won’t happen overnight. Desperation can lead us to indulge in dangerously extreme workouts driven by anxiety and frustration which may not only deem fatal but also reverse the outcomes of all our efforts. Exercise requires a relaxed, positive, determined and fearless attitude. Therefore learn to get up and keep going every time you stumble, the setbacks can only make you stronger.

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2 thoughts on “Finding the Right Motivation to Exercise”

  1. The easiest motivation that anyone should have is this question: “How much do you love yourself and your family?’ This should be able to make anyone embrace a healthier lifestyle.

    • True, we can’t afford to gamble on our health not even for a second, and a healthy lifestyle makes all the difference.


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