Balancing That Baby Budget

The baby market is booming right now. Not that there is a market with actual babies to buy, but the demand for baby paraphernalia and equipment? That’s huge. There are new products coming onto the market all the time to make life easier for parents, but the only problem with the growth in this market is the pressure that new mothers often feel that they have to buy it all. Babies are not cheap – so they say – and raising a child can cost more than you expect over time. Here’s the thing, though, your new baby? He doesn’t NEED all of those gadgets and fancy things. A new baby only needs somewhere to sleep, something to eat, and someone to change the dirty diapers.

Despite that, you still need to set a budget for your baby. You could be planning to breastfeed from day one, but if despite fighting for that it doesn’t work for you, you will need to consider buying bottles and sterilizers and formula – and that all costs. You may want to wear your baby in a handy sling, but there’s also the chance that you will need to think about buying a pram or stroller later on, which costs more money. Of course, setting up a nursery will also have some costs there. You have to think about cost avoidance vs. cost savings and ensure that whatever you want to buy for your child, you can afford it. Let’s look at things you need to think about and how you can save money:


One of the highest baby costs will surprise you, in that diapers are the most expensive item you’ll buy. Over the three years, your child will likely need them; you will spend a lot of money on something that will end up in a landfill. The best option is to bulk buy and invest in cloth diapers and all they come with and then use those. Reuseable diapers can be washed and dried at home, and you will be able to sell them on again for a reasonable price. You’re also saving the world a little bit, so there’s that!


If you have to go back to work, you need someone to take care of your baby. If the family is not available to help, then nursery or childminders are the way to go, which can be pricey. Try and work it out with your job so that you can work from home, alternatively, shop around for the best daycare at the best price.

Pay Your Debt

If it’s possible, pay down all your debts before the baby arrives. Not only will you free up extra cash, but you’ll also know you did your very best to ensure you were financially secure for your family.

Budgeting takes planning as much as you can, expect the unexpected and plan for emergencies. Your baby is a blessing: don’t let the finances get you down!

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