Avoid Breakdown Disasters When You’re Out on The Road

Breakdowns are every car owner’s worst nightmare. Not only do they tend to happen in the most dangerous and inconvenient of places (such as on a roundabout or the middle lane of the motorway!) but you know it’s generally going to cost you an arm and a leg to put right too. While sometimes there’s nothing you can do, and seemingly fine cars can break down with no warning, there are some things in your control. If you want to avoid a breakdown disaster, here are a few things to bear in mind!

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Have Your Car Serviced Regularly

Don’t just wait for your yearly MOT to have your car looked at. Having regular services means any problems are likely to spotted, so potential issues can be sorted before they cause expensive damage or an outright breakdown on the road. A service will make sure all of the car’s fluids are topped up, and everything is working as it should be, with up to fifty different checks and inspections of the various parts of the car. Cars are incredibly complicated, and many of us don’t have a huge understanding of how they work. So having a professional check everything and getting any problems fixed in the early stages will save you a whole lot of hassle in the long run. If you notice something is a little ‘off’ with your car, but it still seems to be driving ok, have it looked at right away. It could be the start of a bigger problem, and end up completely giving up and causing a breakdown at the most inconvenient of places.

Top Up The Fuel Tank

It’s not always a fault in the car which leads to you being stranded. Driving with low fuel is a bad habit, but if you’ve got away with doing this for years then it might be something you push your luck with time and time again. If you’re not able to find a petrol station in time or it’s closed/ out of fuel when you get there, then you’re going to be pretty stuck. There are companies like New Era Fuels out there who deliver in emergency situations, but of course it’s something that you’re able to avoid it makes sense to just be prepared. Don’t let your fuel drop below a quarter of a tank, and fill up before starting a journey even if you think you have enough to make it.

Drive Carefully

The way you drive your car can cause parts to fail far before their life expectancy. Worst of all, erratic driving can cause parts to go wrong that would pass an MOT or service. For example, your clutch might look and feel absolutely fine, but repeatedly riding it (holding the car on the clutch rather than stopping with the brake) could cause it to eventually jam and lock up. Bumping harshly up kerbs to park or over speed bumps and pot holes could cause the suspension or coils to fail. Being careful with your car and practising safe driving techniques will certainly prolong its life.

Drive safely
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