Are You Sitting On A Fortune? Cash In Your Old Collectables

We’ve all been through that phase of religiously collecting one thing or another. Some people have a superb selection of taxidermy. Others may have an endless supply of German Europop on cassette tape. Each to their own. But did you know that some people have stumbled upon a fortune with their old collections? Over time, they can become rare and very special to other people. So if you’ve got a collection of something gathering dust in the attic, it could be time to whip it out. The following could all bring you a fortune.

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Stamps & Coins

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Were you mocked mercilessly for collection stamps? Show those bullies who’s boss by selling them for a sweet profit. Depending on the grade and condition of your stamps, you might be able to put them up for auction. This is especially true of stamps that date back to an important historical era. The same is true of rare coins. You might not be able to post anything or pay for stuff with them anymore, but maybe you can afford to buy a whole post office.


Remember how exciting it used to be to finally get your hands on that coveted figurine? But quick as a flash the craze changed and the toy remained unopened. Well this could be a key to your fortune. Enthusiasts on online sites like Ebay are always on the look out for figurines in decent condition. Many will pay a handsome price for getting their hands on one. This is especially so with internationally recognised characters. Dig out your old Spiderman and find out what he’s worth.


Haven’t opened that tangled old drawer of old jewellery for a while? Now could be the time. Many new online platforms are looking for genuine gold which can be melted down once more. If you collected rings, necklaces and bracelets but don’t use them anymore, why hang on to them? Send them off for valuation and see what you could bring in. It might be enough to buy a Mercedes. Or a chocolate bar. You won’t know until you try.

Game Cards

Remember when Pokemon cards took over the world? They seemed to be everywhere. Particularly coveted were the super shiny editions. Then they were put away in a drawer never to be seen again. Until now. Collectors are still keen to get their hands on the rarest cards from various gaming series. With internet forums abound, you can easily connect with one. So if you have a sparkling card hidden away, it’s time bring it back into the light. You could make a small fortune. Which you will spend wisely of course.

Board Games

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Remember board games? Hours spent indoors on a rainy Saturday playing/arguing with the family. Those were the good old days. But as the spirit of nostalgia grows ever stronger, collectors are now looking for unique board games. And they’ll pay handsomely for the right one. Perhaps you have an old first edition Monopoly lying around? Or even something more niche like Coppett? A high-octane game of Mouse Trap? Find out if one of yours could be worth big bucks.

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