Are You Ready to Say Yes to Getting Engaged?

Getting engaged isn’t as big a commitment as getting married, but it means you’re on the way to making the big commitment. Although it doesn’t mean you’re getting married immediately, you still need to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Ask yourself these questions to work out whether you’re ready to say yes:

Do I Know Enough About My Partner?

If you’ve been with your partner a good amount of time, you should know enough about them. However, some people get so caught up in the ‘honeymoon’ period of the relationship, that they make decisions without knowing enough about them. Some move in together without knowing key things about their partner! Make sure you’re sensible and you know enough about them.

Are We Good at Communicating?

You and your partner both need to be good at communicating to resolve issues you may have and get across what you really want to say. You can’t hint at things or hope that they’ll get the message. You need to make sure you can both communicate clearly to avoid arguments and misunderstandings.

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Do We Bring Out the Best in Each Other?

A couple who get engaged should bring out the best in one another. Do you feel like your best self when you’re with them? Do they feel the same? If you aren’t yourself when you’re with your partner, the relationship is unlikely to last.

Can You Deal With One Another’s Imperfections?

Everybody has imperfections. Can you deal with one another’s imperfections without letting them impact your relationship? No relationship is perfect, but you need to be able to live with one another despite them. If something really bothers you, then you might need to have a talk about it.

Do We Have the Same Vision for the Future?

Ideally, you will have both discusses the future before you get engaged. If one of you is hell bent on living abroad and the other wants to live in the same street you grew up in, you’ll run into problems. You should have a good idea about how many kids you want too, if any. These issues are things that don’t just disappear, so you should discuss them before committing to anything. When you’re sure you have the same vision for the future, you could look at Tacori rings!

Are We Meeting One Another’s Needs?

Different people have different needs in a relationship. You can get a better idea of these needs by reading books like ‘the 5 love languages’. You can then assess what each of your needs are and do your best to meet them. Getting used to doing things like this for each other will keep you together in the long run.

Now you’ve taken a closer look at each of the points above, you should have a good idea of whether it’s time for you to get engaged or not. You shouldn’t go into something like this lightly. Make sure this is the right move for you and your relationship. Any tips of your own? Leave a comment below!

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