Are you ready? Get, Set, Go

This is not a running race. I am inspiring you to write a post now on any random topic you like. Take your pen or er fingers to join D2D Tips.Sign up and submit your first tip. If you are a published author here, then why wait. D2D has an earning system where once you see your earnings, it remains there. You need not worry about it disappearing or whether it will be removed etc; That’s it, write and share. Interact with others here and you can rest assure about your contribution becoming popular.

Since the admins are also writers like you and me, you need not worry at all. Now that you have the worry part behind you, think of a new topic to write about. One that you are familiar with – for e.g. your city, its  attractions, a city guide, local history and so on which can therefore be unique. A unique article will get indexed much faster and ever since the new panda by Google, writers have to be unique to earn at all.

Not all can write. One can understand that by visiting the content marketing sites. if your writing is good, you will be approached by many. Now that most things are done online, one cannot ignore the possibilities of online marketing. Do not delay and start writing NOW.

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I am a poet and writer. I also like reading and sharing tips. I hope you like my tips. Do join to share yours.

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