Are you prepared to come back to work after vacations? (Part 4)

Hello to my readers who have followed me in these series about how to enjoy your vacations and be prepared to come back to work at the same time. In the previous posts we have discussed the importance of being thankful to the job you have and how to enjoy every moment of your vacations doing activities that make you feel active and make your time meaningful.

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Finally I gave you some advices on the things people should do for the last days of vacations.

So now I will try to make you think about the day before coming back.

Obviously, if you have to wake up early after having spent days where you did not have to wake up so early, it is important to have a good sleep. An action as simple as waking up with enough energy can help us to be ready and with the right attitude to say hi to ‘normality’ and the routine you have to follow once again.

If you have traveled or visit a special place, a good way to say hi to your workmates could be give them a souvenir. It is not necessary to be something expensive.  It is a good detail to show appreciation for the persons around you and it creates the right atmosphere.

Another easy thing you can do in a short period of time, preferably a few hours before you go to bed is to make a short list of the things you have to do in your first day of work. Probably a quick review of the activities you were working before vacations started and the things you were planning to do before you went to vacations. People usually lose part of their time when they come back after vacations because they feel ‘lost’ and slower because they have to get used to the rhythm of the work.

If you have in mind what you are supposed to do it will be easier to come back to business.

So these are my tips. Do you have an extra one? Please share. Thanks for reading

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