Are you prepared to come back to work after vacations? (Part 3)

Hi everybody. If you have followed my recent articles I have been talking to you about how to be prepared to return after a long period of vacations as it is the case right now with the summer period. I have mentioned a few tips about being thankful for the job you have which is already a gift that helps you right now and then, I talked about the importance of doing things that makes you active in order to really enjoy your free time instead of just being lazy.

In this new tip I will talk about what I think people should do during the last days of vacations.

Enjoy but chose the right activities

Why not having a special dinner? Select the best pictures to upload to your social networks in case you have traveled somewhere? Or maybe a plan to go to the movies or visit a museum?

I know that for some people it might be tempting to try to do many things when they see that the vacation time is almost gone. However, try to think about something that you like to do that could be relaxing and pleasant. Party hard and wild may sound like a good idea but remember that you will have to come back to work and in case you chose to drink all night you will be back at your office with a hangover or in case you dedicate to an activity that will make you physically tired you will probably experiment a bad day or even the worse week at your job place which is obviously not what you are looking

In other words, try to do these things that will make you feel exhausted for the first days of your vacations and also consider the consequences for your health! Funny activities should not be a future pain for your liver, for example.

I hope you liked this very simple tip you can implement for your vacations and I hope you will read more of my tips in the future.

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  1. I love have time off work on vacation, but there is never enough, takes me a while to get back into work after.


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