Are you prepared to come back to work after vacations? (Part 1)

While I am writing this new tip I am enjoying my time in a lovely summer. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the privilege to have a job during these times of economic crisis like me, you may feel both stressed and worried and probably a little bit sad as the time to come back to work or to study approaches.

But there are some tips in order to avoid these feelings and prepare yourself to come back to your business with all the energies recharged.

Be thankful

It is probably simple to say it but it is worth mentioning this tip: be thankful. Sometimes people complain about their working conditions, the normal problems with their bosses or about how hard and not very interesting their work is. Sometimes there are definitely some issues that must be improved in their job atmosphere but apart from that, in a normal situation is good to be thankful that there is a company that offers you an opportunity to get the money you use to support yourself and your family. If you see things in a positive way it is easier to wake up in the morning and be ready to do your best to keep this opportunity you have.

Remember, as many things in life we cannot take things for granted. Even the best workers with the right skills and a good performance can lose their jobs because of a decision to reduce the number of employees motivated by the economic development in your department.

If you are conscious about how important is your job for you and why you want to keep this job, this will affect your attitude. Instead of seeing the idea of coming back to work as a challenge you will see it in another angle: in the eyes of the things you have thanks to this job.

Of course this will not refrain you to look better opportunities and does not imply that you should not see other posts or opportunities. But right now, what you have is already something good. So be loyal to it, hold it while you have and it will help you as a starting point to continue building your future.

I hope you like this very simple tip. Also if you have anything more to add, feel free to share. I am planning to continue this topic in another article. Thanks

7 thoughts on “Are you prepared to come back to work after vacations? (Part 1)”

  1. It was hard to get back to work when I had my 3 week vacation last summer. I had at least an additional one week to spend at home with my family before I have conditioned my mind that it was back to reality for me.

  2. I am never prepared to go back to work. but knowing how important it is to my family and my company, I have to suck it up and just go to work.

  3. That is a common feeling when you went on vacation, it is so hard to come back to work. But just think you are being lucky to have a good job because others don’t have that opportunity.

  4. stretching and yawning.. argh!!! the alarm clock still ringing.. can I still snooze for another 5 mins please… thanks


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