Are You Conveying The Right Message


People have resort to online communication as their means of relaying messages to people from all over the world. Surely, this has been the easiest and most practical way to express what you feel without having the need to be on another place or to place an overseas call. But what has happened to face-to-face communication?

Nowadays, the use of emails and other social media sites has been the choice if interacting and getting connected with people. While this could be easy and fun, sometimes, people could not really understand what you truly feel with what you have sent them. We tend to send messages in very short phrases or sometimes with just a word or two. The lack of emotions with just seeing words in front of you would often leave a huge question mark. That is the huge difference when we talk to people face-to-face. Without seeing the body language or how words are spoken, we would not know how the person we are talking to feels.

The existence of the social media may have been the greatest gift for the people for a lot of reasons. But I would still prefer to listen with my own ear, see with my own eyes and feel the hand of that person who might need my help.


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Jenny Alano

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2 thoughts on “Are You Conveying The Right Message”

  1. It’s difficult when it’s online… some words and meaning get misinterpreted… intentions are not taken the right way… It really is a challenge to do express oneself online without using facial expressions and body language and tone of voice…

  2. thanks to skype and facetime before, it was just like yahoo… and chatting so true some messages are mostly misinterpreted.


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