Are Online Group Buying Sites Trustworthy?

If I am not mistaken, two years ago, a certain group buying site became the headline of the news because they were accused of being a scam company.

This particular group-buying site offered travel and tour packages which included airfare and hotel accommodation for a very cheap rate.  A customer bought the package and cost her more than 20,000 pesos because I think she bought a lot using her credit card.  When the customer and her friends went to the resort, they didn’t have any reservations.  To cut the long story short, the group-buying site was investigated.  They said that it wasn’t their fault because the Travel Agency they were tied with closed due to bankruptcy.  So do you think it is still safe to buy on these sites?

Honestly, I still purchase from them because they do have great deals.  I just limit myself to products I am really sure that I will be able to avail.  For instance, I always buy vouchers for restaurants where you only pay half of the amount of food that you can avail like pay P300 for P600 worth of food and drinks.

I always call the establishment first before purchasing to make sure I understood their promo.  If I could not get a hold of the restaurant, I don’t buy them.

I tried purchasing for a hotel accommodation which I was able to use two years ago when I went to Cebu City for a short vacation.  The hotel accommodation cost P2,500 versus the original price of P3,500.  I believe I had a good deal because it came with free breakfast buffet plus the hotel room was spacious and very comfortable.

I haven’t bought travel and tour packages because first of all, it costs almost P10,000.  I don’t want to say goodbye to my ten grand if it was just a scam.  Second, I tried calling the Travel Agency.  They have like more than five contact numbers available but not one answered my call.  I didn’t bother availing anymore even if the deal was really great.  The deal consisted of hotel accommodation for three days.  Tours to the Vietnam and Cambodia was also included.  Unfortunately, no one is available to answer my inquiry if these packages will be available during long weekends.

I also bought vouchers for pastries.  I think I was able to buy three vouchers, one for a whole cake (Red Velvet), another one for a dozen of assorted cupcakes, and lastly, for an 8-diameter cheesecake (original price was P900 but bought it for P450 only).

So, the question now is, are these sites safe to use? Yes, but you should purchase always with caution.  Like what I have mentioned earlier, call the establishment first before buying.  Clarify all the things that need to be clarified before hitting the “BUY” button and proceed with the payment options because once you input your credit card details and click “proceed”, there is no turning back.  They do not honor refunds whatever the reason is.  The reason why they are cheap than the usual because they have terms and conditions that are not flexible compared when you buy them on its original price.

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I love writing about almost anything. I started writing frequently when I became a contributor for online restaurant guides three years ago.

9 thoughts on “Are Online Group Buying Sites Trustworthy?”

  1. I usually buy on sites I know are legit and trust worthy I have bought a lot of clothes, gadget and others online and so far I have had no problems I am glad for that.

  2. Ohhh.. I never bought anything from any sites. I am so scared of scam. Although I make reservations for hotel through sites like Agoda because of a cheaper price. Sometimes, it is cheaper to make reservation from them than the actual hotel. Thanks for this information,

  3. One need to complete investigate about everything of the
    company or website because to swindle peoples in internet is easier then

    • I so agree with you. Even if the money you will spend purchasing online is not that big but is money and you don’t want to waste it.

  4. @Daisy Nufable I just heard a news recently that a certain online group buying site sells fake branded bags and gadgets.

    @mavic I used to be like that but when I tried it, I got addicted but still very cautious.

    @Educateurself1 That’s right. That’s why I appreciate people who take time from their busy schedule to write their experiences online so people will be well-informed.

  5. We have to be very cautious when it comes to buying online, if they offer is too good to be true let us investigate more to avoid being scam. I guess we can share it to our readers of what are our experiences to give them an idea how to.


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