Apply SSS Salary Loan Online with Screenshots – My Own Experience in 2018 [Philippines]

Update: The check arrived on November 15, 2018. Kindly read my full update below…

I applied for SSS Salary Loan online for the 3rd time as of the time of writing, October 25, 2018.

What’s great — I got you screenshots with arrows, etc… it’s for a total beginner!

Okay, to those of you who do not know or familiar yet with the SSS Online Portal (MySSS) — I guess now is a perfect time that you should explore the web portal because it has several benefits that I am going to talk first:

(You can jump into the tutorial below by skipping the benefits. Kindly scroll down a bit…)

No. 1: You can check your remittances

If you are privately employed, it’s better that you can check your status any time you want. It is a way to verify that your employer is indeed paying for your contributions.

Otherwise, with the advancement of the SSS, there is a so-called PRN that will be generated by your employer — yet it is still best to check your remittances if all of them were actually credited to your account.

With the use of the PRN, employee premiums will be credited to each member in real time right after payment

(however, the technology behind SSS is not perfect, and all our premium contributions for June 2018 were not posted, not even a single employee and I have confirmed it by checking on my account online — see the benefit?)

No. 2: Generate the PRN yourself

Most helpful for Voluntary Members and Self-Employed.

The PRN stands for Payment Reference Number, in a nutshell, it will facilitate the real-time posting of the contribution to the member’s account (as I understood it).

Right now, the employer will no longer manually submit the list of employees for each SSS premium payment.

If you are just paying for yourself, it is really a hassle to fall in line and wait for your turn (each month)!

Now, if you are a member of MySSS, you can simply log-on and generate your payment reference number

(I have a business idea too later).

No. 3: Apply for SSS Salary Loan online (via MySSS)

it’s 100% paperless, on your part and on the part of your employer! It’s a win-win idea.

As I said, this is my 3rd loan via the online portal MySSS and I am a member since 2013.

I also think that the process is quicker than the brick-and-mortar application (normally, the check will arrive in 2 weeks).

Having said that, you can save for fare or fuel, or you don’t have to take a leave in order to submit and process your SSS salary loan application!

[Bonus] You don’t have to go to the SSS branch to inquire if you are qualified for a loan or stop asking your boss! By checking on MySSS, you know when to apply for a loan.

Business Idea

You know what I am thinking right now?

There are still several folks out there who are conservative with their time and don’t want to fall in line and are still many people who do not want to go little techy (registering online)…


Take the advantage, it’s a small business opportunity.

Tell your friends that you can generate the PRN on their behalf, and you can even pay on their behalf, as well — and charge a little bit of money!

Side note: In order to generate a PRN for your friends, you should register them (do it exactly as you have done yours, keep their credentials safely, and you have some extra cash each month)…

I think it’s worth the effort, else, there are folks who already have accounts, but do not have personal PCs, especially in rural areas.

My checklists above are just a few, there other benefits in registering the Social Security System MySSS (Online Portal). I just highlighted the ones that I valued much or benefited already.

Okay, let’s proceed.

How to Apply SSS Salary Loan Online in 2018 – My Experience for the 3rd Time!

Step 1: Access and log in. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s time to register!

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


Step 2: Under E-Services, click on “Apply for Salary Loan”

SSS Salary Loan Application Online

Step 3: Choose the desired amount you want to borrow

Step 4: Agree on the Terms of Service

Step 5: Click on the “Proceed” button

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


Step 6: You should review the disclosure statement before pressing the submit button as shown below. There you can see how much should be the monthly amortization, and when your first loan repayment starts and more…

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


Step 7: You will see a pop-up box, it’s a follow-up question making sure you are ready to submit your loan.

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


Step 8: You need to inform your employer that you have applied for a loan online. As shown below, there is an expiry date. In my case, my employer must verify my application not later October 31, 2018.

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


Since I am the In-charge with our premiums, including SSS, I can show you how it is done on the employer side.  Check the next screenshot.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s a win-win situation. It is really easy for the employer to certify.

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


The last screenshot shows that my employer has certified my SSS loan application via MySSS and it is now forwarded to the SSS for processing.

Now, I will wait for 2 weeks for my check to arrive.

SSS Salary Loan Application Online


The whole experience was great and I did it in the comfort of my home. Paperless. So I am thankful for the Social Security System on working hard to level up their technology.

Anyway, we also share our personal experience here on how to apply for a loan on Tala Philippines. You may check it out for fast cash.

Update! Update!

I received my check from the sss - check

(Sorry, I need to cover some info.)

So, my check arrived on November 15, 2018. Waiting time: 22 days. The check arrived longer than my previous loans, but I understand. There might be several backlogs due to the recent holidays.

How if do you want to receive your loan proceeds faster?

Based on my officemate’s experience, if you apply for a loan direct on SSS branch, the loan proceeds will arrive within 3-5 days via the cash card. Wow! That’s fast.

Wonder about the cash card?

It’s FREE. It will be issued to you during the time you apply!

So, if you want a hassle-free loan application, go for the online portal (MySSS), however, if you need the cash ASAP, fall in line and wait for your turn!

Indeed, there’s always a tradeoff — hassle-free but long waiting time; or long queue but fast disbursement of loan proceeds.

FYI: To those who are still new with the SSS, your loan payable is amortized within 24 months. The interest rate is 10% per annum (diminishing interest). So make sure you can repay within 24 months because the remaining amount after the 24-month period will still incur interest.


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