Anti Car Theft Strategies

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How would you feel if one day you went back to the space you left your car and found that nothing was parked there anymore?  I’d be more than irritated.  Car theft is a serious crime and it has to be stopped.  Although efforts from the police can help deter such crime, it is never a good idea to idly sit by and hope that nothing will go wrong.  Instead, it is prudent to emply measures that will save you from a lot of headaches in the future.  Here are some anti-car theft strategies that you may want to employ.

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  1. Get a car alarm

Although this can set you back a few more dollars, having an alarm system is a good step to prevent car theft.  There are numerous car alarm systems in the market thus you have a lot of choices for your vehicle.  However, it is important to keep in mind the following tips so this will be an investment worth taking.

  • Get an alarm system from a reputable source
  • Have it installed by a professional
  • Consider the warrantees of the system
  • Follow the instructions
  1. Have a secondary anti-car theft system

Even if you have an alarm system, it is prudent to get a secondary system to protect your vehicle.  Car alarms can be beaten.  So it is only logical to have a back up.  You may opt for steering wheel bars and locks.  These devices simply make the steering wheel immobilized.  If you can’t steer, you can’t drive away – well not that very far.

Here are some tips to make your secondary system effective:

  • Do not lose the key!
  • Never share the key/codes or any information to disable the secondary system
  • If it uses number codes, change it often
  1. Choose a sensible parking spot

Many car thefts happen while they are parked.  Most car thieves prefer places where they can get in and out easily.  So this means you have to choose the right parking spot to reduce your risk of car theft.

  • Consider these tips when choosing a parking spot:
  • It is easily visible especially if there are CCTV cameras
  • Choose a well-lit area
  • If you are not comfortable with the people around the area choose another spot
  • Parking close to security personnel is ideal

Of course there are times when you cannot choose a parking space.  But when you can,  keep these tips in mind.

  1. Lock your car

I know this tip may sound so obvious, but believe me, it is not.  Many forget to lock their doors whether by accident or because their door locks are not working properly.  Suffice to say, make it harder for car thieves to take your car.

To further stress the importance of locking your car, consider the following steps:

  • Get your car locks fixed ASAP when it is broken
  • Leaving your car keys inside your car is also a big no no
  • Automatic door locks work but it is prudent to have a spare key with you in the event you leave your keys inside the car
  1. Install GPS tracking

Although this is not really a deterrent, it will help locate your vehicle when it is stolen.  GPS systems can make it easier for police to track and retrieve your car before it is chopped up for resale.

  • Choose a GPS system that works best for your needs
  • Get a system from professionals
  • Have it installed by professionals
  • Follow the directions and instructions for use

Even though technology to prevent car theft is getting sophisticated, thieves are also making advancements in their techniques and strategies.  It is important to be abreast with the latest anti-car theft technology so you won’t be a victim.

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7 thoughts on “Anti Car Theft Strategies”

      • JP thanks.. I missed someone to interact here. I was just absent for two weeks and when I returned here I was lost. LOL.

        yes.. anything you like to write.. you are good at them.

    • My car is old but I still put lots of countermeasures just in case someone wants to get my car radio that still has a tape deck. Those car radios are so rare nowadays you’d only see them in museums or surplus shops. LOL

  1. Before, I didn’t car where we park our car as long as there is a space, I’m okay with it especially on the streets until my partner told me to never park a car that is secluded, not well-lit, and far from where you will be staying.

    • Wise words to follow. My dad’s car was parked in a mall parking area complete with security guards and CCTV cameras. But still, someone stole his spare tire. they can do more if the parking area is secluded and not properly lit.


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