Anatomy of Great Tips

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Great tips are always on demand!  What does it take to make a tip great? Our circumstances however unique have similarities with what goes on with the person next to you.  These similarities offer a chance for us to share give a helpful hint how we overcame a problem or improve something in our lives.  But some tips provide immediate relief and that is it.  On the other hand, some tips stick with us for the rest of our lives.  In fact, some tips have become part of our everyday routines.  Moreover, there are tips that cross the boundaries of culture, race, nationality, religious or spiritual belief (and some other dividing factors).  In an online world, these tips get shared across vast distances in no time.  Some are easily forgotten and some stick like glue.  So how to do you make great tips that people will remember?

Different concerns, different strategies

Everyone has his own issues.  But some issues are shared by others.  Finding a solution or at least a set of suggestions to address them will definitely get attention.  Moreover, it would be a wise step to share tips that you have done.  Giving your own take on certain points adds to the value of your tip.  Your own experiences add that special touch.  Who knows someone will learn from what you’ve been through.

Example:  Using the right keywords in your online writing can improve your page views.  Since many are now going into online writing, this tip appeals to many since to s a common concern.

Some questions that might help you:

  • What concerns or issues do you think are most important for people to resolve?
  • Do you have a new way to solve an old problem?
  • What issues do you think should be resolved now before it becomes worse?


Simple and practical

A great tip that will last forever is one that is simple and practical.  If you provide a solution or a strategy that anyone can follow, it becomes easier for them to accomplish it.  Moreover, if the ideas that you share offer tangible results, t becomes even more appealing.  Practicality and simplicity provides people with the reason to try out new stuff.

Example:  Instead of guessing what keywords to use for your article, you can use free services online like the one provided by the Google Keyword planner.  This tip offers a simple solution that is free and automated.  How can you go wrong with something that is free and simple?

Some questions that might help you:

  • Do you know anything that can make life simpler – at work, at school or at home?
  • Are there solutions that you know that involves ordinary items around the house?
  • Do you know safer ways to do certain tasks?


Wiggle room for improvements

Another factor that can turn a simple tip into a powerful and influential life-changer is its flexibility to be applied n different situations. A solution to a problem can also be the key to resolve another unrelated issue.    Flexibility also includes the possible alternatives to a solution when one option is not available.

Example:  Using the right keywords can drive traffic to your page or site.  But using these same keywords in your title helps create appealing and highly searched titles.  Although the tip on keywords is for your content, it can also help you make an appealing and effective title.

Example: Editing your post using free online proofreaders will improve your overall content.  However, if you can’t access these sites, MS Word has a built in feature that will help check your content.

Some questions that might help you:

  • Are there alternative solutions to problems that you know?
  • What improvements can you give to existing tips and strategies?
  • What tools are available to you that is not available to others – how can you fill the gap?

Everyone is always on the lookout for great tips.  These tips offer people choices of how to go about certain aspects of their lives more efficiently.  Moreover, great tips are those that appeal to one’s achievement of goals.  They can be simple stuffs in life but have profound impact.

Share your tips and help change lives today.

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8 thoughts on “Anatomy of Great Tips”

  1. Sometimes it is hard to think of ideas to write, like sensible tips that would appeal to readers/researchers.

    • Everything you do and what happens to you is experienced by someone else somewhere. If your tip or experience helps just one other person in this world, mission accomplished.

      • Here at D2D we strive to help others in a way that we know best – writing. when we share tips we do not know who will read them. But we still write and hope that someone who needs the information sees it. Changing lives one tip at a time. 🙂

    • That is why it is a good idea to first turn to your own experiences and knowledge. these are things that you know.

  2. When you are in the position of writing tips, it is good to write down immediately no matter where you are what the tip is, why it will help and how you came up with it.

    • This is true. Sometimes the inspiration just hits us. Even f we can’t write about it at that moment, at least we can retrieve that idea afterwards.

  3. this is right, most of us are struggling to think of what to share, thanks for this. we are kept informed and align to the main essence of this site.


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