Amazing New Cleaner and Disinfectant

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New Cleaning Product
I am always looking for good cleaning products that work well. Every person who cleans a home knows that having a good cleaner is vital. Good cleaning products that work well help make keeping your home clean easier.

Where You Can Find It
I found this new cleaner in a very unexpected place. I found this wonderful cleaning product at my local Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is associated with Wal-Mart. I have yet to find this product at my local Wal-Mart though.

Great Value
Not only is this an amazing product for cleaning and freshening your home it also has a great value. You can get a gallon of it for $10. That is a great price when you think it cost $5 for most cleaners, and they come in quart containers or less.

OdoBan Multi-Purpose Cleaner
I am sure you are asking yourself what is this amazing cleaning product. This amazing cleaner is call OdoBan. It came in gallon jugs and usually you get a free quart spray bottle with it. I love this product. OdoBan is a great multi- purpose cleaning that can be used in every room in the house.

OdoBan’s Many Uses:
Fabric refreshers
Air fleshier
Pet Oder remover
pet stain remover

Removes Odors
OdoBan can be used to refresh upholstery. OdoBan has a baby powder scent. The scent is light and not over powering. It takes pet odors and cigarette odors out of furniture. OdoBan will not hard any fabric or make it bleed. You can just spray it in the air to remove odors and freshen up any room in your home.

OdoBan is a great disinfectant. It is just as good or if not better than Lysol. It is great for cleaning stoves and counter tops. It is great for cleaning the kitchen sink. OdoBan clears out the odors that come from garbage cans.

Bathroom Cleaner
OdoBan is one of the best bathroom cleaners around. It takes mold and mildew off of the shower doors. It is great for getting those tough toilets stain out of the bowl. It leaves the bathroom selling clean and fresh.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner
OdoBan is one of the best multi-purpose cleaners on the market today. It has replaced many of the cleaning products that I use. I even use it in my laundry to remove odors from my son’s sweet clothes. OdoBan has cut my cost of cleaning products by more than half. I use it for just about everything thing now.

OdoBan is one of the best products for getting rid of pet stain in the carpet. I have an older dog, and she has accidents every once in awhile. I cleaning it up using OdoBan and it is completely gone.

I am so glad; I decided, to try this OdoBan multi-purpose cleaner, it works great and saves me money in the long run. I found it as Sam’s club. I have not seen it in many other stores. I did see it in Home Depot. OdoBan is one of the best multi-purpose cleaners that I have ever used in my home. It works well and has a good price. I do go through a lot of it though. It has saved me not only money but cabinet space.

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