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Every year some The US celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the 4th Thursday of November. It is when they are being thankful for so many things.

But we don’t need a certain day to be thankful. Every day when we wake up we should be thankful that we did wake up to be able to go another day.

We complain our house is  old and needs repair. That our sofa looks drab. Our clothes are faded and old. Our gadgets are outdated and old. That we don’t have the new cellphones. We complain our food is not the best. We complain when we don’t have enough money in our savings. We complain when we have too much work and we also complain when we don’t have any work. We complain when we need to take a lot of maintenance medications. We complain when there are too many people around us and yet we also complain when we are alone. People are never happy with what they have.

The poor complain and yes even the rich (probably complain they have too much money hehe)

But just remember: some have no house or roofs over their heads, some have no where to sit. Some even have no clothes or their clothes are torn and dirty. Some do not even know what are cellphones or the other gadgets. Some have nothing to eat. Be happy you even have a savings, some have no money at all. Some people want to work but can’t. Be happy you can take medicines when you need it, some die because they don’t have any medicine. Some people are all alone in this world, left alone and abandoned.

We have to be thankful for everything given to us. For things we worked hard for and things given to us. Life is not easy and never will be. We all face the same problems but attack them in different ways.

Make the most with what you have, if you are able to strive and work to achieve a better house, sofa, clothes and gadgets. Do it. Work hard for them, save for them and be thankful that you could do it. when you work hard for something, you tend to take good care of them and you appreciate them more.

People come and go in our lives. Appreciate them, your family and friends. Be happy your parent are still alive even if they are old and forgetful. I know it is hard because I am living that now but yet I am happy and thankful she is still with me.

Don’t compare yourselves with others unless it will make you strive to be better and do better in life. Be careful because sometimes jealousy can be damaging.

Look at the good things, the positive values of everything you have. Don’t say there is nothing good with having faded clothes or outdated cellphones and gadgets. The positive thing is that you have something to wear and you can still at least communicate.

Even the rains have a positive value, they can water the plants, trees, flowers and the earth. Sometimes more than enough but at least we still have the rain. it serves a lot of purpose especially for those who have no water.

So always be thankful, say a prayer to God or who ever you believe in. Not just on Thanksgiving Day but every day of the your life 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

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