Always Be Prepared

When applying for a job or looking for one you must always be prepared. Research about the company no matter how small or big it is and no matter what the position you are applying for. It never hurts to be prepared.

Some people just take things for granted. They will say that it is just a fast food company or that they are just applying for a menial labor job. But who know there might be somethings about the company or contract you did not know about.

Have your papers, bio data, resume, NBI clearance and what ever other clearance you may need. Some may want a copy of your birth certificate. Always have copies of your papers because most companies will keep them. So if ever you will not get hired you still have more copies when you apply again in other places.

When the time comes for the  interview you will have some knowledge about the job and the company if you research first. Most companies like it if the person hey are interviewing has some knowledge. It will be points for you. It will let them think that you are really interested in their company and really want to work with them. If they have to choose from someone who looks smart and professional but does not know much about the company and someone who is simple, clean and knows a lot about them, I think they would choose the latter. What are good looks and intelligence if you know nothing about the place you will work in. Also it will give you an advantage in promotions.

It would look like that you are just applying for any kind of job when they ask you about the company and why you would like to apply with them and you do not have any ready response. Also if you know a lot about the company you will know what you benefits are and what to expect. Never just sign a contract with out reading and especially the fine print. Some companies have hidden rules because they think most people don not read them.

Always keep calm take a deep breath before entering the office. It won’t harm if you pray. Some people attend an early mass. Do what ever preparation you need to make you feel comfortable. Try not to panic especially if you are applying for a higher post. If you have experience that would be a plus but if a new graduate, always be prepared and research  first.

So, be prepared, look the part and keep calm!



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5 thoughts on “Always Be Prepared”

  1. It reminds me of my first time applying for a job, being ready and knowledgeable is a must in applying for a certain position. And knowing something about the company helps you to be more confident.

  2. I have been in both sides and preparation is key. I hate it when i talk to applicants who seem oblivious about the company, the job vacancy and requirements.

  3. An applicant should never come unprepared especially that there is always a possibility that one of the questions would be about the company and the kind of position he is applying for.


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