Affording Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Is your best friend getting married? Congratulations! But what about if money is a concern for you? Here is a guide to saving a bit of cash at four potentially expensive stages of the wedding.

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The engagement party

If it’s at a venue, check if you’re able to take along your own drinks. Even better is if the bride is hosting it at her own house. That way you can drink something cheap that you take along yourself. If you need to give a gift, getting creative with something handmade can mean it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

The bridesmaid dress

If it’s your best friend that’s getting married, chances are you’re one of the bridesmaids. And what does that mean? You need a dress! Increasingly, brides are allocating a portion of their wedding budget for their bridesmaids dresses. But if this isn’t the case, saving is key. Starting saving as soon as you know what the deal is. If you can keep the dress clean and in good condition, you can sell it again after the wedding.  

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The hen party

Hen parties seem to get more and more extravagant all the time. What started as a nice meal out with friends can now be full-blown trips to Vegas. We’ve got ‘Bridesmaids’ the movie to thank for that! However, if your bride is organising something expensive she will need to accept that some people might not be able to afford it. If you can’t afford to go, ensure you give a great gift instead, like a bottle of champagne or some hen do accessories. The bride will miss you but she is sure to understand.

Alternatively, if you and the other girls are organising the hen party, be sure to take a leadership rule. The more involved you are, the more you’ll be able to cut any unnecessary expenditure. Some companies knock a bit of money off or throw something in for free if you mention the special occasion, so make sure you do.

The big day

So the big day is here! How exciting! You’ve got all the other celebrations out of the way, and you’ve paid for your dress. However, there are a number of expenses on the day. The first is the gift! If money is truly tight, make them something by hand.

As for food and drink, the bride and groom will usually be paying for this, so need to worry about that! Do consider your travel, though. If you’re travelling with the bride, fantastic. But otherwise, see if you can cut costs. Can somebody give you a lift to the venue rather than getting a taxi, for example?

If there is one thing should definitely be doing if money is a concern for you, it’s talking to the bride. She is your best friend, so she should understand. Honesty is key here. The chances are your friend will be looking for money saving methods for the big day too. That way you can help each other out in making the whole thing as affordable as possible. Good luck!

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